2018-2019 Portfolio Managers

Membership Services

Manager, Member Research: Trent Kreiger

Title and Company: Market Research and Digital Marketing Specialist

LinkedIn: Trent Kreiger

Why I’ve got involved with IABC: I was initially introduced to the IABC/BC through a colleague. I have since then discovered that it is an excellent way to connect with local communications professionals and elevate my skills through their educational opportunities.

My life’s motto: Push through challenges because another great opportunity is just around the corner.


Special Interest Groups (SIGS)

Manager, Special Interest Groups: Stephanie Stewart

Title and Company:  Communications Manager, Human Resources – Provincial Health Services Authority

LinkedIn: Stephanie Stewart

Why I’ve got involved with IABC: Being a newbie to the health care world I was eager to connect and share ideas with communicators in similar industries. Volunteering with IABC has enhanced my professional and leadership skills while introducing me to a diverse group of like-minded members and volunteers. Thanks to my involvement with IABC, I am surrounded by an enriching and supportive community of professionals—colleagues and friends I can tap when I need a hand or simply some advice.

My life’s motto: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss


Career Development

Manager, Certification: Heather Merry

Title and Company: Member & External Communications Manager at Central 1 Credit Union

Twitter: @hmerry

LinkedIn: Heather Merry

Why I’m involved with IABC: Initially encouraged by a very respected boss, I joined the mentorship committee and found it far more rewarding than I imagined. I have learned so much, built confidence and made friends from collaborating and tackling challenges with fellow IABC/BC volunteers.

Fun fact about me: I lived in Stockholm for two years in my twenties, where some very linguistically-apt Swedes challenged my abilities as I taught them English!


Manager, Mentorship: Nanette van Doorn

Title and Company: Communications Officer, Public Involvement – Metro Vancouver

Twitter: @nanettevandoorn

LinkedIn: Nanette Van Dorn

Why I’ve got involved with IABC: A fantastic mentor and boss of mine was a member and introduced me to IABC. I have come to know many members and have enjoyed giving back to the local communications community.

Fun fact about me: I have been scuba diving since I was a teenager and have a rescue diving certification.


Manager, Gift of Communication (GOC): Libby Brown

Title and Company:  Director, Communications at Provincial Health Services Authority

Twitter: @libbyb20

LinkedIn: Libby Brown

Why I’ve got involved with IABC, again: IABC has been a part of my professional life since the beginning—many years ago.  It’s a community of fantastic people working hard while having fun together. Specifically, the Gift of Communication marries my passion for supporting community agencies and the joy that comes from being involved in IABC.

Words to live by: “If the person you are talking to doesn’t appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.” – Winnie the Pooh

Volunteer Services

Manager, Volunteer Services: Erica Simpson

Title and Company: Government and Media Relations Officer, WorkSafeBC

Twitter: @EricaMSimpson

LinkedIn: Erica Simpson

Why I became involved with IABC: I’ve been a member of IABC since roughly 2007 when I first became a business communicator in Saskatoon, SK. Having been a member for so many years, and then getting my CMP, I realized I wanted to give back to my local chapter with volunteer time and energy. It’s been a great way to get to know the board better, meet new communicators and grow my internal communications skill set. Plus, I love meeting new people and this portfolio is a great place to do that!


Student + New Communicator Services

Manager, Student Engagement: Silke Billings

Title and Company: Communication and Data Science Major Student at Simon Fraser University

LinkedIn: Silke Billings

Why I became involved with IABC: Regardless of one’s level of expertise or career trajectory, IABC has welcomed my initiatives and efforts to take part in this great network of communicators, allowing me the opportunity to be exposed to a multitude of situations and professionals otherwise unobtainable in a classroom.

Fun fact about me: Aside for my passion in communication, I have been studying the harp for 16 years and have just completed my Grade 10 Royal Conservatory of Music Certification.

Partnerships + Sponsorships

Manager, Jobline:  Nancy Chan

Title and Company: Digital Communications Specialist, Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

Twitter: @nancychancy

LinkedIn: Nancy Chan

Instagram: @nancychancy

Why I’ve got involved with IABC: I wanted to learn more about the communications field by meeting other professionals and encourage myself to step out of my comfort zone through volunteering.

Fun fact about me: I collect Lego!


Manager, Client Services: Kathryn Baxter

Title and Company: Account Manager, FMAV

LinkedIn: Kathryn Baxter

Why I’ve got involved with IABC: I was looking to be involved with an organization of business communication professionals. From the first event I attended with IABC, I knew this was an organization I had to be a part of! Volunteering with IABC/BC has given me the opportunity to give back to our business community and be a part of an energized group of professionals.

My life’s motto: Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance  in the rain.


Marketing + Communications

Manager, Creative Services: Yvonne Kwok

Title and Company: Communications Specialist, The University of British Columbia

Twitter: @yvonnekwok_

LinkedIn: Yvonne Kwok

Why I’ve got involved with IABC: I was looking for an organization to strengthen my skills and meet like-minded professionals. Volunteering with IABC has allowed me to stretch my creativity while working alongside passionate communicators. It’s a great place to connect, learn, and share ideas with a fantastic group.

My life’s motto: Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.


Manager, Website:  Irena Pochop

Title and Company: Senior Manager, Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows School District No.42

LinkedIn: Irena Pochop

Why I’ve got involved with IABC: I’ve been an IABC member for a number of years and was looking for an opportunity to connect and collaborate with communicators working in other sectors. You get more out of your membership if you roll up your sleeves and help with the work.

My life’s motto: Always do your best; don’t worry about the rest.

Manager, Blog: Christina Low

Title and Company: Communications Officer, Provincial Health Services Authority

LinkedIn: Christina Low

Why I’ve got involved with IABC: I love our city’s community of communications professionals. I admire everyone’s passion, energy and commitment to learning and development.

My life’s motto: Be nice and work hard (my mom taught me that and moms know best).