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Nominations are open for the IABC/BC 2015-16 Board

Looking to be more involved at a leadership level and help influence the direction of IABC/BC?  We are currently recruiting for the IABC/BC 2015/2016 Board of Directors.  You can nominate yourself or another IABC/BC member. The nomination deadline is Sunday, April 19th.

This is a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills, build your reputation as a stellar communicator and manager, expand your network, and learn how an association operates. IABC/BC has a 30-year track record, approximately 500 members, and is recognized internationally within IABC for its innovative programming.

To apply

Learn more about each Board position and the expectations of the role here.  If you are interested, please fill out the nomination form here and send it, along with a current resume (or Linkedin profile), to Wendy Kubota at by midnight Sunday, April 19th.  If you have any questions about any of the roles, please feel free to contact Catherine Pitman (, Catherine Ducharme ( or Wendy Kubota (

All qualifying names submitted by the deadline will be forwarded to the Chapter’s Nominating Committee chaired by Wendy Kubota (past president).  The incoming President for the 2015/2016 year is Catherine Pitman, a career communicator and Communications Consultant at The University of British Columbia.

2014-2015 Board of Directors

IABC/BC accomplishes its vision of inspiring great communicators through the direction of the members who volunteer on our Board of Directors each year. Members of our Board are supported by committees of volunteer members who help us provide value to our members. Here are the members of our 2014-15 Board:


Catherine Ducharme
Partner & Brand and Communications Strategist – Outsidein Communications
Email / Twitter

I’m delighted to be leading the IABC/BC chapter this year. It’s an opportunity to work with a talented Board and hone my leadership skills, expand my network of fabulous communicators and give back to the profession. I believe volunteering is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your career. It expands your skills, keeps you current, builds your brand, opens up opportunities and it allows you to build long-lasting professional relationships with talented communicators. Your IABC membership is only as good as what you put into it. That’s why I volunteer. IABC/BC is my tribe.

CatherinePitman-200x150Vice President

Catherine Pitman
Communications Consultant
Email / LinkedInTwitter

Throughout my career, the support and opportunities I have received from volunteering with IABC/BC have been tremendous. I am volunteering as Vice President this year because I want to give back to the organization and chapter, and help members connect, learn and build their careers, and achieve their goals.

WendyKubota-200x150Past President

Wendy Kubota, ABC
Director of Communications – BuildDirect
Email / Twitter

I am fortunate to have had IABC’s hand on my back as a constant and consistent resource throughout my career. The knowledge I have captured through workshops, books and networking with some of the best communication brains in the business, has been instrumental to my professional growth. Volunteering is my opportunity to continue my learning and contribute to the growth of other communicators, ensuring that IABC/BC brings as much value to their careers as it did mine.


Sheryl Gray
Communications Advisor – TransLink
Email / LinkedInTwitter

I am honoured to be keeping the good company of the amazing people I volunteer on the board with: they’re energetic volunteers, recognized communicators, dedicated IABC members, and friends. Working with numbers is a little off-side for many communications professionals, so the role of treasurer is a great opportunity to do something outside of my normal work day. Volunteering with IABC/BC, or anywhere for that matter, is a great way to try new things, develop skills, expand your network with like-minded people, and … have fun!

Executive Administrator

Jen Knight
Communications Manager – IKEA Canada
Email / LinkedInTwitter

Things that I’ve done for IABC/BC over the past five years: social media, newsletters, webmaster, mentoring, and two Gift of Communication projects. Things that IABC/BC has done for me? The list is endless! Thanks to the support of this Chapter, its Board and its slew of amazing volunteers, I’ve connected to a fantastic network of peers, gained experience in a wide range of areas, and have had access to great job opportunities.

My role this year is to support the Board and all of its exciting ideas for the year, but also to support you as members. Feel free to give me a shout with any questions you might have about what IABC/BC can do for you!

BriceDare-200x150VP, Communications

Brice Dare
Manager, Communications – St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation
Email (website and newsletter inquiries) / Email (social media inquiries) / LinkedIn / Twitter

I’ve been with this committee in some form or other for four years now, having started as an editor for our email newsletter Connect before taking on the role of VP, Internal Communications last year. I find myself coming back for more each year because of the potential I see for us to truly live our brand as vibrant connectors and engage you in the work of the chapter and your fellow members. This year, thanks to our spanking-new website and newsletter and an awesome group of volunteers, we are better prepared than ever to realize that potential.

Ryan-Paulson-200x150VP, Membership

Ryan Paulson
Marketing Manager – Blenz The Canadian Coffee Company Ltd.
Email / Twitter

Being an IABC/BC member and volunteer for the past four years has been remarkably valuable for my career and I am thrilled to have an opportunity to give back to our great community and association as the new VP, Membership Services. With a strategic focus on improving the member experience, I look forward to personally connecting with new, existing and potential members to help educate communicators on how IABC/BC programs and services support growth and development at every stage of your career. IABC/BC is an inspirational community to be a part of and I’m excited to help current members get more out of their experience while also engaging with and bringing new people into the organization. Can’t wait to connect!

VP, Networking Events

Dana Higgins
Event Coordinator – UBC
Email / LinkedInTwitter

What I love most about volunteering with IABC/BC is the chance to work with such a dedicated, talented, and fun group of people. It’s also a great chance to meet new people. I work at a very large institution and through IABC/BC I have met coworkers from other departments that I don’t think I would have met otherwise. It can be a big commitment, but the rewards are far larger. I’m constantly learning and developing my skills, which I am able to translate into my professional life. It also provides an opportunity to use my professional knowledge and experience in areas outside of my day-to-day work life.

VP, Professional & Career Development

Linda Ong, ABC
Director, Communications & Marketing – UBC
Email (Career Development) / Email (Professional Development) / LinkedInTwitter

My career has benefited tremendously from IABC/BC so I think it’s only fitting to pay it forward by volunteering as a Board member. I’ve also had the privilege of volunteering with IABC/BC for quite some time and feel that change is afoot – not only with the pending changes to accreditation and global certification but with the profession itself. Creating an engaged member experience is a real challenge so our programming this year will reflect the listening, feedback, and suggestions we’ve received. We’re also paying close attention to what’s needed to support the career trajectory for communicators and what that means in our members’ workplaces and in their career aspirations at the junior, intermediate and senior levels.

LydiaTay-200x150VP, Sponsorship

Lydia Tay
Senior Associate – Odgers Berndtson
Email (Sponsorship) / Email (JobLine) / LinkedInTwitter

This is my third year as an engaged IABC member, and my second year on the Board. If there is one thing I have learnt thus far it’s the incredible power of the connections and partnerships that this community fosters. I’m excited to be leading Sponsorship this year as a way to bring value to our membership, and also engage the rest of the industry in the tremendous benefits that we have to offer. From advertising to door prizes, there’s a wealth of opportunity to create new relationships.

VP, Student Services

Theressa Mah
Graduate Programs Assistant, Faculty of Education – Simon Fraser University
Email / LinkedInTwitter

I piloted the Jr. Mentorship program in 2011 (stretched my Junior & Speed Mentor muscles) then integrated it into the mentorship program in 2012. Being able to make a difference in members’ career development is such a rewarding experience.

The Student Services portfolio combines my passion for communication, education and social innovation to engage student communicators. It makes sense that I’m a lifelong learner, a social media geek and a coffee & tea consumer. Actively listening is how I evolved to become a mentor. Asking reflective questions is how I shape development. Because I’ve been there, I’m constantly curious about how we can help students transition from budding communicators to communications professionals. Connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn, and email too.

VP, Volunteer Services

Lisa Wellbourn
Marketing Manager – Gilmore Gardens
Email / LinkedInTwitter

I have been an IABC/BC member for four years and was the treasurer for two of them. It was an incredible experience working with the board and the executive team. Now I look forward to connecting fellow professionals with volunteer roles that they will enjoy and thrive in. It is about learning, expanding your skills, building your network and participating. We have an incredible team. Volunteering is the best way to make the most of your membership, time and commitment. See what is available now.