Chapter Board

IABC/BC accomplishes its vision of inspiring great communicators through the direction of the members who volunteer on our Board of Directors each year. Members of our Board are supported by committees of volunteer members who help us provide value to our members.

2015-2016 Board of Directors

At this year’s IABC/BC Annual General Meeting, we were proud to announce our 2015/2016 Board of Directors. They look forward to introducing themselves to you in the coming months!


President: Catherine Pitman

Vice President: Sheryl Gray

Past President: Catherine Ducharme

Treasurer: Patricia Zhou

Administrator: Jeanette LeBlanc

Board Members

Events: Dana Higgins

Communications & Marketing: Phoenix Lam-Phipps

Volunteer Services: Alycia Majorkiewicz-Ata

Membership: Ryan Paulson

Sponsorship & Advertising: Nancy Chan

Career Development: Kirk Grayson, ABC