Strategic Plan

Who we are

IABC/BC is a vibrant community of professionals working in communication and marketing related disciplines driving business results through strategic communication. We support each other – across industries and regions – through sharing knowledge, leading on best practices, formal and informal mentoring, certification and awards.  Working in close connection with IABC Canada and IABC International, our chapter strives to be the preferred organization for communication professionals within British Columbia, bringing like-minded individuals together to share and learn from one another.

Our Mission

To advance the profession, create connections locally and globally and develop strategic communicators. We strive to provide engaging and valuable learning and networking opportunities for our volunteers and members, while building relationships in the broader local business community, including communications professionals, sponsors, and partners. Our goal is to raise the profile of IABC British Columbia and our members, and communications as a strategic leadership function.

Our Brand Attributes

As a brand and as a community, we aim to connect our members and provide them with a friendly, welcoming and supportive network, as well as provide knowledge resources to help them learn, grow and keep up with the constantly changing communications landscape.

Connector: We connect peer with peer, people with knowledge and resources, members with jobs. These connections allow us to build deeper relationships over time.

Knowledge resource: Our members have a wealth of knowledge and freely share it to help each other. IABC also has incredible online best practices resources that are available to members.

Friendly and welcoming: People find it easy to connect and build relationships. They feel part of the communications tribe.

Supportive: We support each other and the development of our members through mentorship programs, awards/recognition, professional and career development opportunities, and sharing

IABC/BC Strategy 2015 – 2018

We’re currently in the second year of our 2015-2018 Strategic Plan. What we’ve learned through our summer planning is that our goals continue to resonate. This year we’ll focus on finding more opportunities to involve our members and provide valuable resources to further their professional development and career goals.

IABC/BC Strategic Goals and how we will achieve them:

We’ve identified four strategic goals that will focus our efforts and drive our activities over the next couple of years. These strategic goals will enable us to focus the most important areas so that we continue to meet the needs of our members and continue to grow as an organization. Our strategic goals for 2015 – 2018 are to:

      1. Provide high-value, fulfilling experiences for volunteers by:
        • Offering competency-based volunteer roles
        • Developing a robust records management system
        • Providing recognition and offer the ‘personal touch’
      2. Offer members valuable experiences by:
        • Collecting/using data to identify what members want and develop strategies to meet those needs
        • Listening and responding to their feedback
        • Providing more value for the dollar
      3. Be a leader and innovator by:
        • Leveraging content from the international IABC community
        • Demonstrating best practices across all touch points
        • Investing in professional development opportunities
        • Connecting with community/industry partners and associations (CPRS/HRMA)
      4. Sustain and evolve our operational effectiveness by:
        • Growing internal operations and communications: Basecamp, Google Drives, archives
        • Establishing stronger relationships with the IABC Canada West Region and IABC International Headquarters to dovetail on initiatives
        • Developing a strong succession planning strategy
        • Maintaining financial stability and growth

For more information on IABC International’s strategic focus, please see the 2015 Annual Report.