Executive Board

Proposed 2014/15 Board Slate

  • President Catherine Ducharme
  • Past President Wendy Kubota, ABC
  • Vice President Catherine Pitman
  • Treasurer Sheryl Gray
  • Executive Administrator Jen Knight
  • Professional and Career Development* Linda Ong, ABC
  • External Communications Angie Gaddy
  • Internal Communications Brice Dare
  • Membership Services Ryan Paulson
  • Networking Events Dana Higgins
  • Professional Standards Nancy Painter, ABC
  • Sponsorship Lydia Tay
  • Student Services Tyrell Mara
  • Volunteer Services Lisa Welbourn

*Formerly two portfolios: Professional Development and Career Development

2013/14 Executive Board


Wendy Kubota, ABC
Director of Communications – BuildDirect

Wendy Kubota brings more than 20 years of communications experience to the BC Board and has been volunteering for the IABC throughout her career as an awards judge, mentor and ABC examiner. She is a results-oriented, multi-disciplinary professional with her career touching a variety of industries through her work at The Coca-Cola Company, CIBC, Ketchum, City of Toronto, Cummins, and now at BuildDirect, as their Director of Communications. Wendy lives in Anmore with her husband Brad, their three girls and ever expanding assortment of pets.

Vice President

Catherine Ducharme
Partner & Brand and Communications Strategist – Outsidein Communications
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I’m delighted to be taking on a leadership role at Vice President for IABC/BC as it’s an opportunity to get to know IABC at a regional and international level, expand my network of fabulous communicators and give back to the profession. I believe volunteering is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your career. It expands your skills, keeps you current, builds your brand and it allows you to build long-lasting professional relationships with talented communicators.  Your IABC membership is only as good as what you put into it. That’s why I volunteer. IABC/BC is my tribe.

Past President

Karin Basaraba, ABC
Marketing and Communications Manager – Intact
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I’ve been volunteering for IABC for the past eight years and am thrilled to be this year’s past president. I’ve been lucky to be involved on the IABC/BC board for six years in a variety of roles, but also at an international level as a Gold Quill Blue Ribbon Panel judge, and as the lead of the youth engagement committee. IABC has been instrumental in shaping my career and who I am as a communicator. It’s given me the knowledge and the network I need to be successful, and allowed me to learn from this inspiring group of diverse communicators.

Executive Administrator

Stephanie Gelinas
Marketing Coordinator – Squirrel Systems
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After working in an Events capacity on the board for the past two years, I look forward to working with and assisting the various chapter portfolios as this years’ Executive Administrator. I hope this role connects me with new and existing vendors, members, and ideas that help us meet and exceed our chapter goals.

VP, Career Development

Shannon Kidd, ABC
Senior Manager, Communications – Best Buy Canada

IABC is a fantastic community of communications professionals who are committed to growth and development opportunities for members.

The Career Development portfolio offers many options for learning and giving back through mentorship, special interest groups and the Gift of Communications program.

I’m inspired by the talent and dedication of my colleagues and look forward to a very successful year.

VP, External Communications

Dan Maceluch
Lead, Network Engagement and Stakeholder Relations – Rick Hansen Institute
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I have always believed the real action at IABC is at the chapter level.

Having volunteered as a judge, mentor and committee director with IABC at the regional, national and international levels, it was only a matter of time to make good on a personal promise to give back to those who helped me launch my career. In my role as VP External Communications, I lead a small team of volunteers helping promote the work and activities of this vibrant chapter and raise IABC’s profile in BC, particularly among thought leaders in business and anyone in the market for communications expertise. Come join the team and help us spread the word.

VP, Internal Communications

Brice Dare
Manager, Communications – St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation
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This is my third year volunteering on this committee, having started as an editor for our email newsletter Connect before becoming the committee’s Director last year and then VP this year. Why do I keep coming back? It’s because I’ve seen the potential that Connect and our website have to engage you with the work of the chapter and your fellow members – and with the help of an awesome group of volunteers, we’re going to realize that potential.

VP, Networking Events

Carmen Zukewich
Business Analyst – Chevron Canada Ltd.
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A very good friend of mine encouraged me to start volunteering with IABC a few years ago. My first experience was was amazing and I’ve never looked back. Since then, I have had the opportunity to volunteer with a so many wonderful people who continue to motivate me to pursue a career that inspires me. While I’ve grown a lot since volunteering with IABC/BC, I’ll never be done learning about myself and what I can offer professionally. I want to be able to give something back to an organization that has given me so much and I feel I can do that by leading a team of volunteers on the Networking Events portfolio.

VP, Membership

Catherine Pitman
HR Communications Specialist – UBC
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I am volunteering as the VP, Membership because leading this portfolio is a strategic role that considers the question, “How do the collective efforts of each IABC/BC portfolio provide value to our members?” It is an opportunity to combine my passions for big-picture thinking, collaboration, branding, and measurement. I have been an IABC member since 2004, and I believe what I get out of my membership is directly related to what I put into it. BC is a strong IABC chapter that offers diverse options to get involved. Whether it’s volunteering, participating in one of our programs, or attending PD/networking events, the opportunity is yours!

VP, Professional Development

Lydia Tay
Senior Associate – Odgers Berndtson

Why am I volunteering? I’m passionate about volunteering with IABC/BC as a great way to connect with fellow members, hone specific areas of expertise and see the bigger picture. My IABC/BC experience began at the 2012 Bronze Quill Awards. Keen to develop my event management skills, I moved into the Director role for Professional Development and this year I’m excited to be tackling the Vice President position with the support of a fantastic committee. Expect great things from the portfolio this year as we focus on career advancement and great value overall. We’re listening to our members to make sure our events are targeted and deliver top quality PD for our thriving community.

VP, Professional Standards

Nancy Painter, ABC
Communications Consultant and Writer – Paint A Story Communications

I’ve been enchanted by words all my life and have worked as a business communicator for more than 25 years. The Professional Standards portfolio seems a natural progression from IABC volunteer gigs as award entry and portfolio marker, individual mentor, co-leader of the Accreditation Completion Program, and Evaluators’ Circle participant. My favourite work is internal communications, but I will plan and write almost anything for any audience. My shelf includes Bronze Quill, Silver Leaf and Gold Quill awards. I am a strong supporter of IABC’s accreditation program. My husband and I live in Surrey with our cats, and only allow our three adult children to come for short visits.

VP, Sponsorship

Ryan Paulson
Marketing Manager – Blenz The Canadian Coffee Company Ltd.
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I am returning for a second term to volunteer as the Vice President of Sponsorship in 2013-14 to build on the great work my team did last year and to take the IABC/BC sponsorship program to an even higher level. I am so grateful to have had such an amazing committee of volunteers last year and with most, if not all, of them returning in 2013-14, I am confident that we will be able to strengthen relationships with our strategic partners to further increase the value of IABC/BC events and programs. In the year ahead, we will focus on finding innovative ways to enhance the member experience by maximizing the opportunities available to us from our committed and passionate group of annual partners.

VP, Student Services

Lisa Yap
Marketing and Communications Associate – Hemmera

I am truly inspired by all the amazing people I have met through IABC/BC and hope to continue learning and developing my skills in my role as VP, Student Services. IABC/BC opened my eyes to the world of professional communications ever since I started volunteering in my senior year of university. When I was a student member and volunteer, I had a lot of fun assisting with events, social media, and marketing the Student Communicator of the Year (SCOY) award and scholarship program. This year, I am thrilled to be leading this same portfolio I started volunteering with a few years ago. I look forward to connecting with students, new grads, and young professionals this year!

VP, Volunteer Services

Sheryl Gray
Communications Consultant – Fraser Health
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Without volunteers, we wouldn’t have an IABC Chapter. Without amazing volunteers, our BC Chapter wouldn’t be comprised of such a talented pool of professionals and students. Our volunteers are able to be amazing because they love what they do, and for me, that’s the fun part. I love helping to connect members with opportunities that will support their career or personal development goals. It’s my role to find out what you need and what you want, and match it up with what IABC/BC needs and wants. Skills, leadership opportunities, networking, friends and fun…what are you looking for this year?