Accreditation (ABC)

Recognizing strategic thinking

IABC’s professional designation, Accredited Business Communicator (ABC), acknowledges a professional communicator’s ability to think and plan strategically. The designation can also add to workplace credibility and earning power.

The ABC designation is increasingly valued by organizations and clients and is recognized worldwide by IABC.

Changes to the ABC Accreditation process

IABC is updating the accreditation program to keep pace with the communications industry. If you’re considering applying, you can only do so in 2014 when a new certification program will be announced.

If you have questions or want to discuss how to best plan for accreditation, please contact us.

Questions & answers about the changes

Question 1: Will current Accredited Business Communicators retain their accreditation when the new program is rolled out?
Answer 1: Yes, current ABCs will retain their accreditation.

Question 2: Will the fees for accreditation change?
Answer 2: 
We don’t know at this stage. Any changes to fees will be announced with the new program in 2014.

Question 3: How will the new program differ from the old one?
Answer 3: 
Short answer: we don’t know yet. Read more about the latest updates.

Question 4: Will IABC/BC continue to support members going through the new program as it did with the previous program?
Answer 4: Definitely. Our chapter has led the world in the programs we developed to help members achieve accreditation. This is why we are among the top chapters globally in the number of members who are Accredited Business Communicators. Once the new program is rolled out, we’ll examine how we can continue to support members.