As a business communicator, professional certification can elevate your career and help keep your skills fresh and applicable. It provides a great opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. And it could help you land your next big opportunity or perform at a higher level in your current role.

IABC has launched a new certification program that will offer four levels of certification to professional communicators. The certification program is administered by the Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC) – an arm’s length organization established by IABC for this purpose.

Learn more about GCCC and certification programs.

Two levels of certification are now available:

  • Communication Management Professional (CMP)— for generalist, specialist and other business communicators established in their careers and looking to demonstrate their competence.
  • Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP)— for highly skilled business communicators practiced in providing strategic communication advice and counsel to an organization’s leadership.

Steps to becoming certified

On the GCCC site:

  • Review the requirements
  • Download the latest candidate handbook
  • Submit your application and pay the fee

When your application has been approved, you’re ready to take the exam (see upcoming exam dates and locations).

June 2019 exam sitting

Did you hear? IABC World Conference is coming to Vancouver in 2019! There will be an exam session on June 9. 9am at the Hyatt Regency, Vancouver.

Maintain your certification

Once you’re certified, you must maintain your certification through continuing professional development and an annual fee.

Certified Communicators in B.C.

There are now more than 140 certified communicators and many are IABC members! Congratulations to the following certified communicators located in British Columbia:

  • Adam Brayford, SCMP
  • Brenda Lea Brown, ABC, SCMP
  • Jennifer Killam, SCMP
  • Jennifer Wah, ABC, MC, Fellow, SCMP
  • Laurie Dawkins, ABC, MC SCMP
  • Lou Villahermosa, CMP
  • Mark Fernandes, CMP
  • Elaine O’Connor, CMP
  • Angela MacKenzie, CMP
  • Erica Simpson, CMP
  • Heather Merry, CMP
  • Jacqueline Wood, CMP
  • Kathy Fowler, CMP
  • Quinn Newcomb, CMP
  • Rachel Wong, CMP
  • Sandra Russell, CMP
  • Shannon Henderson, CMP
  • Summer Effray, CMP

Want to know more?

To learn more about the CMP exams and how to prepare for them, take a look at our blog post.

If you’re interested in receiving updates regarding certification from IABC/BC, including possible local exam offerings, please contact careerdevelopment@iabc.bc.ca.