Professional certifications give you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, and provide evidence of your outstanding abilities. They engage you in a process of lifelong learning that elevates your career and provides a structure for keeping your skills fresh and applicable.

IABC has launched a new certification program, which will offer four levels of certification to professional communicators. The first certification being offered is the Communication Management Professional (CMP).

First BC sitting of the Communication Management Professional (CMP) exam 

Date: Friday, May 26
Time:  9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
Location: Salon A room at the Century Plaza hotel, 1015 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC

Contact careerdevelopment@iabc.bc.ca if you’re interested in taking the exam.

Preparing for the CMP exam

If  you’re interested in applying for the Communication Management Professional (CMP) certification, completing this five-course learning path provides 20 hours (CEUs) of recent training — half the 40 hours required over the past three years. The program is offered through the IABC Learning Academy.

Certification levels

The four levels of certification planned are:

  • Foundational — for people who have recently joined the profession (expected to be available in 2019)
  • Communication Management Professional — for people established in their careers as communication managers and looking to demonstrate their competence (available now)
  • Strategic Advisor — for highly skilled professionals practiced in providing strategic communication advice and counsel to an organization’s leadership (the first exam will be available at the International Conference in June)
  • Business Leader — supporting highly experienced professionals who wish to demonstrate their mastery and leadership (expected in 2018)

Communication Management Professional (CMP) certification

CMP certification is aimed at the generalist/specialist level, and is designed around ISO (17024), an international standard for professional certifications.

Applying for the CMP exam

To apply to take the certification exam, you will need to describe your education, training and experience. You’ll be asked to provide the following supporting documentation:

  • Formal education: Document where you obtained your education, the name of the institution, the dates attended, and the number of credits or the degree earned.
  • Training: Training documentation should include dates, hours of face-time (in-person or online including videos or audios), instructor name, institution, and either a signed document or contact information for an institution representative (full name, title and institution at the time of the education, current title and employer, email address, telephone number). *Training must have taken place within two years of application submission.
  • Experience: You need to offer references who are willing to vouch for the experience you’re claiming. For each, you must include the contact’s full name, title and employer at the time you gained the experience, current title and employer, email address, and telephone number. At least one reference will be randomly selected to contact for verification purposes.

Download and refer to the Communication Management Professional Candidate Handbook for more detailed information on requirements and definitions.

Once your application has been completed and has been verified and accepted, you’ll be notified within 30 days whether you’re approved to sit for the exam. If you’re eligible to sit for the exam, you’ll have two years from the date of your application approval to pass the exam for that level.

Review the Candidate Handbook above, ensure that you’re able to meet the requirements for application, then start the application process. Once you’ve completed the application, upload it and pay the application fee.

Learn more about CMP certification at IABC.com

If you’re interested in receiving updates regarding certification from IABC/BC, including possible local exam offerings, please contact careerdevelopment@iabc.bc.ca.