Student Communicator of the Year

Looking for a great way to test your communication skills? Have you recently completed a communications project at school or work that you want to show off? Want to receive feedback from experienced communication professionals? This could be the right opportunity for you!

The 2012 IABC/BC Student Communicator of the Year (SCOY) is an award offered by IABC/BC exclusively to their student members to recognize excellence in communication.

Application Process
Applying for SCOY is easy. All you need to do is submit a maximum three-page work plan and any supporting work samples (such as blogs, photography, newsletter articles, graphic design materials).

You can use work that you’ve done in class, on a co-op term, at your volunteer position, or at your job. As long as you’re an IABC student member, you can apply. Applications will be accepted from January 2nd, 2012 to April 13th, 2012.

Some winning plans have focused on:

  • promotion or awareness campaigns
  • event planning
  • product launches
  • launching a new newsletter or program
  • mounting staff fundraisers
  • conducting internal surveys/focus groups
  • developing a brand or rebranding an existing group/product
  • planning & executing a social media awareness campaign

View work plans from previous winners

Award Categories
There are five unique award categories to enter – each focusing on a different area of communication:

  1. Writing: A fundamental skill in communication, the writing category includes original material written for a particular communication project. Articles, news writing, news releases, speeches, scripts, editorial pieces, sales promotion and marketing, recurring feature articles, and technical writing are all examples of accepted entries.
  2. Electronic and Digital Communication: Is online and digital technology your thing? This category includes computer-based communication projects produced for internal or external audiences that primarily use electronic production and/or delivery tools. This category includes published content that audiences access predominantly online. Projects such as electronic newsletters, websites, blogs, electronic annual reports, and intranets can be entered in this category.
  3. Publications: Created something using software such as Photoshop or InDesign? The publications category includes graphic design and writing for publications in all printed formats. Projects can include magazines, newsletters, newspapers, annual reports and special publications.
  4. Communication Creative: Communication creative includes elements that showcase creative talent and design through an essentially communicative function. Entrants must demonstrate innovation, creativity, strategic alignment and effective graphics communication. Examples of projects include:
    -Design of an organizational brand identity or other graphic project where design is the primary communication function. Includes advertisements, cartoons, drawings, paintings, collages, posters, displays, special signs, book and magazine covers, logos, product labels and packaging, 3-D materials, illustrations.
    -Photography, including original photographs created or commissioned for a particular communication project (i.e., single photos, photo essays, photo montages, etc.)
    -Video/film to demonstrate innovative and fun use of communication channel.
  5. Communication Campaigns: Entries for communication campaigns should address background research, planning, goals and objectives, execution/implementation and evaluation/results (any documented results, or how you would measure results if the campaign were implemented). Examples of campaigns include:
    -Internal programs
    -External programs and campaigns
    -Community relations
    -Customer relations
    -Media relations
    -Marketing programs

Award winners will receive recognition at IABC/BC’s Bronze Quill Gala from BC’s leading communication professionals and a personalized SCOY award trophy. In addition, the top two scorers will receive the following prizes:

1st place award

  • $800
  • IABC membership for one year (up to a transitional membership)
  • Complimentary admission for IABC/BC’s Bronze Quill Gala

2nd place award

  • $500
  • IABC membership for one year (up to a transitional membership)
  • Complimentary admission for IABC/BC’s Bronze Quill Gala

You must be an IABC/BC student member to enter. Student memberships cost $50.76 annually and include a year’s worth of resources, events, job postings and networking opportunities. Click here for the Student Membership Application Form.

What Are the Judges Looking For?
Your project will be judged by a panel of industry experts based on the criteria found here.

All applicants – whether you win or not – will receive their feedback from the judges. Some of British Columbia’s top communication professionals will tell you what they think of your work! Even if you don’t win, you’ll end up with an amazing piece for your portfolio.

How Do I Apply?
SCOY applications will be accepted from January 2, 2012 to April 13, 2012. To apply, please submit your SCOY entry form, along with your work plan and samples to

Contact Information
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