Friday, May 26

Location to be announced

Saturday, May 27

Host: Lydia Tay, Change Management Coordinator, University of B.C.


Location: TBC
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Session A: IABC 101 Board Basics

This session is for Board Leaders who are attending Dare to Lead for the first time.

Welcome to your new role on the IABC Board! This session will provide you with insight into the broad network of resources, tools and knowledge at a local, regional and international level that are available to assist you in creating strategy and programming for your Chapter.

Session B: Run Your Chapter Like a Business

This session is for returning board leaders who have previously attended Dare to Lead

Presenter: Catherine Ducharme, Senior Recruiter, Communications at Smart Savvy & Associates

When you step up to lead your IABC chapter you are stepping up as CEO of a business. Successful leaders with thriving businesses know the importance of getting the right team in place, being fiscally responsible, focusing on the customer, delivering value and making tough decisions. This session will explore how you can apply business fundamentals to running a local IABC chapter and how you can be an empowering CEO.

During this session, attendees will separate into smaller groups as they are matched with their counterparts from other chapters who have similar areas of responsibility in their board roles.

This is an ideal opportunity to learn from each other, share best practices, commiserate over common stressors, and expand your network of ‘go to’ people that you can turn to for support across Western Canada.

Presenter: Peter Reek, Founder, Smart Savvy & Associates

Volunteer-run organizations thrive when they are run by strong teams. This session will explore how to build them by diving into insights from Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Ideal Team Player, which presents a powerful framework and easy-to-use tools for identifying, hiring and developing ideal team players in any kind of organization. Learn the three indispensable virtues that make some people better team players than others. If you’re a leader striving to create a culture of teamwork and build a united and strong volunteer board or an employee or volunteer wanting to make yourself an invaluable team member, this book study will prove to be as practical as it is compelling.

All Hands on Deck: Signature Program or Event session

A TED Talk-style session where representatives from several different CWR chapters share details of one of their signature programs or events. Each presenter will provide a short presentation to give a high-level of their signature programs/events and there will be plenty of time at the end to discuss, share tips, and collaborate.

Six Things You Need to Know to Kickstart Your IABC Career

Presenter: Catherine Pitman, Workplace Engagement Strategist at the University of British Columbia

Set yourself and your board up for success by knowing six things that will provide you with a strong foundation as you begin your board year. These include a greater understanding of yourself, your team, and the context you are stepping into as a leader in your IABC chapter. In this interactive workshop-style session, you’ll have the opportunity to explore these six areas, and what they mean for you and your team, by working through thought-provoking questions individually and with your IABC chapter leader peers. This session is designed for chapter leaders in any board role. It will also provide valuable insights for your leadership team as you prepare for strategic planning.

Strategic Planning for Board Leaders

Learn how to adapt what you know about strategic planning to support and build on what your chapter needs. You’ll leave with the tools to assess, plan and measure IABC-specific outputs, outcomes and outtakes, and learn about an already existing template to guide you to an award-winning year as a chapter leader.

Ignite Your Board’s Passion – and Get It Recognized Internationally!

Angela Anderson, External Relations Advisor at Alberta Electric System Operator
Sharon Lee, Independent Consultant

Board engagement and development is crucial to a successful chapter and ensuring member value from IABC programs. Hear from IABC/Calgary, winners of an excellence award in Leadership Development at the 2017 Chapter Management Awards (CMAs), on their program that continues to engage current board members, attract the best of the bunch during recruitment for future years, and helped them gain international recognition with winning International Chapter of the Year at this year’s CMAs.

What better way to explore a new city than by unleashing your competitive spirit as you and your team follow clues in search of the ultimate prize (and all of the D2L glory and bragging rights). This interactive scavenger hunt combines fun and team building with a self-led sightseeing tour of the heart of downtown Vancouver. Every location is within walking distance and your team can set your own pace. Teams will be formed based on portfolios. More details to come!

Host: Adam Brayford, Assistant Director, Digital Strategy, Simon Fraser University

A long-time IABC tradition, Dine Around is an opportunity to connect with fellow D2L attendees in groups of 6 to 10 while experiencing some of Vancouver’s cuisine at a selection of unique local restaurants.

Hosts: IABC BC Board Members

Solo? Duet? Or choral ensemble? Either way, we want to see your talent shine through as early as possible, which is why we’ve organized a karaoke outing in Vancouver to give you your chance to prove you should have been a The Voice contender. Be part of an ongoing CWR tradition that requires no musical gifts, just a willingness to put yourself out there doing your best Eminem or Steve Perry impressions. There will be plenty of fun activities organized for both singers and non-singers alike, so don’t miss this chance to impress your fellow IABC chapter leaders with your voice or your brains.

Host: Gary Carr, Sr. Communications Consultant, Gary Carr Communications

Sunday, May 28

Charting the Course: Navigating Board Succession Planning

Representatives from several chapters will share their unique approaches for succession planning and transitioning portfolio leadership. How can IABC chapters ensure that members have a consistent experience through these transitions? How do we know the right knowledge is being passed on? How do we foster the skillsets in our volunteer teams to step into these leadership positions? These questions and more will be discussed during this panel of seasoned IABC leaders.

Viva la Volunteer

Presenter: Lydia Tay, Change Management Coordinator at the University of British Columbia

Volunteers are the lifeblood of IABC Chapters, but attracting them, motivating them, and retaining them isn't always a cake walk. This session reviews how to establish and manage a structured volunteer program. Topics include learnings from the BC chapter on how to attract the people that you need, and what best practices and processes you can implement to lay a foundation for the future. This session is suitable for board members responsible for recruiting and managing volunteers.

Using Data to Build Member Programs & Services

Roland C. Pajares, Research Assistant, NRG Research Group
Maya Filipovic, Communications Advisor, City of Edmonton

How can you deliver the best programs and services to your chapter members? Use the information you have to understand their needs. Through a careful examination of membership data and implementation of survey research findings, this session will provide insights for chapter leaders to effectively create programs and marketing collateral in a way that not only appeals to members, but also has a direct positive impact on membership satisfaction. Learn analysis and survey techniques and best practices, and takeaway suggestions on how to use the findings to boost membership and satisfaction.

Whew! After a weekend jam packed with inspiring presentations, knowledge sharing, building connections, and discovering new opportunities for collaboration, the big question is "What next?" This session will allow chapters to reconnect as a group to discuss what they have learned and to start planning for the year ahead.

Stick around to continue the conversation and unwind with your fellow D2L friends over a delicious lunch. Do you have an early flight to catch? Take your lunch "to go" to eat on the plane.​