Introducing our new skill-based peer to peer mentorship program! A space for networking, skill building and knowledge sharing.

One of the benefits of belonging to a professional association is the opportunity to network with, and learn from, people outside your regular work environment. Mentorship is an excellent opportunity to gain insight into the topics and goals that are most important to you and your growth.

This year, we are doing things a bit differently – and putting the focus on areas of expertise.

Our newly designed program gives practitioners the opportunity to benefit from the guidance of fellow experienced communicators. Our goal is to create mutually beneficial relationships amongst members and, ultimately, aid one another in enhancing their careers.

Skill-based, you say?

That’s right! The program was designed based on the notion that mentorship is always a two-way street. We all have things to learn, whether we are brand new to the industry or have decades of experience under our belt. We all bring something to the table – and what better way to foster new connections within our community than sharing our knowledge with one another.

The program is not focused on seniority; rather the knowledge and expertise you can share with another member of the IABC community.

How will it all work?

We will pair up each applicant with a partner they can provide mentorship to and with a mentor who will provide them mentorship. This way, each participant will have the opportunity to share their expertise as well as gain new insights and knowledge from a fellow professional.

Depending on interest and application volume, participants will likely have different partners for their mentor and mentee pairs.

We ask that participants attend the kick-off and wrap up events. The kick-off event will provide an opportunity to meet the matches and define goals to ensure everyone is getting value from the program. The theme of the kick-off event is “how to be a better mentee.”

After the kick-off we encourage the partners to meet at least once and communicate over the phone or via email.


February 1: Applications Open
March 2: Deadline to submit applications
March 15: Kick-off Event
March 16 – May 21: Pairs are encouraged to meet at least once
May 22: Wrap-up Event

Expectations and Eligibility

  • This is a free program for IABC members
  • Participants must be IABC members
  • Able to attend the Kick-Off Event on March 15 and Wrap-Up Event on May 22
  • Willing to spend a minimum 3 hours providing mentorship and a minimum 3 hours receiving mentorship

Why participate?

Mentorship is an excellent opportunity to kick-start or rev-up your career and to gain knowledge and skills in the areas important to you and your growth. This skills-based mentorship program allows you to give back to the IABC community acting as a mentor in one skill area and a mentee in another skill.

This program allows all those involved to work towards goals to help with both professional and personal development. Based on the applications, we seek to pair up members who have developed expertise in specific communications areas with individuals looking to develop those skills.



Interested, but have more questions? Get in touch with us at