Become an IABC/BC portfolio manager

Meet new people, learn new skills and help us provide meaningful programming and events.


Ready to take the lead and make an impact? Become a portfolio manager and work directly with our board of directors to develop programs, events and networks to all members. Teamwork and collaboration are the keys to success so all of our activities, so we are always looking for passionate individuals to join us and deliver exceptional experiences for our members.

2018-2019 Portfolios

  • Volunteer Services
  • Membership
  • Events
  • Career Development
  • Student + New Communicator Services
  • Marketing + Communications
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGS)
  • Partnerships + Sponsorships

Meet our proposed board slate for 2018 – 2019

Each of these portfolios will be led by one of our board of director/s, who will plan and execute their objectives and portfolio initiatives in collaboration with teams of portfolio managers and other volunteers. Joining the team as a portfolio manager will enable you to work alongside, and learn from your peers while honing your skills in specific areas. It’s a great way to build your management experience as part of an award-winning team, within a supportive environment.

Portfolio Manager Roles

Volunteer Services

  • Manager, Volunteer Services
  • Manager, Volunteer Recruitment


  • Manager, Member Services
  • Manager, Member Research
  • Manager, Member Recruitment


  • Manager/s, Networking Events
  • Manager/s, Personal Development Events

Career Development

  • Manager, Recognition + Awards
  • Manager, Certification
  • Manager, Gift of Communications
  • Manager, Mentorship

Student + New Communicator Services

  • Manager, Student Engagement
  • Manager, New Communicators + Newcomers
  • Manager, Student + New Communicator Events

Marketing + Communications

  • Manager, Social Media
  • Manager, Blog
  • Manager, Website
  • Manager, Email
  • Manager, Digital Analytics
  • Manager, Video
  • Manager, MyIABCStory
  • Manager, Creative Services

Special Interest Groups (SIGS)

  • Manager, Special Interest Groups

Partnerships + Sponsorships

  • Advertising + Jobline
  • Client Services
  • Community + Competitor Research

 Read the Portfolio Managers 2018-2019 (.pdf) for details of each of the roles.


What’s in it for me?

As a portfolio manager, you will have the chance to:

  • Grow your network through meeting like-minded communicators and professionals.
  • Develop your skills, and gain experience in specific areas in a supportive environment.
  • Hone your leadership capacity.
  • Build on your portfolio of work.
  • Collaborate with other portfolio managers, volunteers and (in some instances) our Board of Directors as part of IABC/BC’s volunteer team.
  • Gain insight into how IABC/BC operates as a volunteer-run, non-for-profit association.
  • Learn how we deliver programs and events at IABC/BC without the commitment and responsibilities of serving on our board by seeing a program or projects through from concept to execution.
  • Be profiled on our website as part of the portfolio management team.
  • Join our strategic planning this summer and help us get ahead of the curve for next year’s activities.
  • In some portfolios, you can gain experience managing a team of volunteers to support the delivery of your program and ideas, and be accountable for your team’s work.
  • Help us to grow and support the IABC/BC Community.

Who can apply?

We are looking for enthusiastic, collaborative, and positive individuals to help us to keep our vibrant chapter running

  • All members in good standing can apply to be a portfolio manager
  • You can also apply to be a portfolio manager if you’re new to IABC/BC, but you can only volunteer for six months as a non-member.
  • Your resume (or LinkedIn profile) should demonstrate some relevant experience and/or areas of interest that align with the role you are applying for.

How to Apply

To apply for a portfolio manager role simply provide an up-to-date resume (or LinkedIn profile URL) along with a completed application form.

You can fill in the application form here:  Volunteer Application Form

Please Note: Do not edit the text in bold in this application form

We can’t wait to hear from you!



If you’d like to know you can contact the Director, Volunteer Services or the President for more information.