IABC/BC Member Stories


Our members are what makes IABC/BC special. It’s a great association to be involved with to network, and grow your career – and we love hearing stories about our members and their experiences with our vibrant chapter.

Whether they’ve reached senior levels or are just starting out in their careers, members’ stories of professional triumphs and workplace tribulations resonate with every communicator. There are stories of landing that first big client, finding a niche within a competitive market, taking their skills to the next level and dealing with burnout.

#myIABCStory shares the journeys of all kinds of IABC/BC members, and we hope you enjoy reading them.

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Whats your #myIABCstory?

Is it about finding the job of your dreams? Is it about meeting the mentor who gave you the confidence and skills to become a better communicator? Or is it about the other incredible things IABC membership has done for your personal and professional life through exclusive networking, volunteering and professional development opportunities?

Just like the story in this video, you too have a unique story about your IABC journey, whether you’ve been a member for 20 years or two months.

Inspire future members and make connections with current members by sharing your #myIABCstory with the IABC community worldwide!

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We’d love to hear your #myIABCstory! Get in touch with us at members@iabc.bc.ca to share your experience as an IABC/BC member.

You can also use the hashtag #myIABCstory to tell us about your membership experience via Facebook or Twitter.