IABC/BC Member Stories

IABC members are talking! Whether they’ve reached senior levels or are just starting their careers, they’re telling stories of professional triumphs and workplace tribulations that will resonate with every communicator. Stories of landing that first big client or finding a niche within a competitive market. Stories of taking their skills to the next level or dealing with burnout. Stories that show us the creative ways members have used IABC services and resources to address and overcome the challenges we all face at different stages of our career.

The #myIABCStory campaign shares the journeys of all kinds of IABC/BC members. If you have something you’d like to share, contact Spencer Perry, Director of Member Services, at members@iabc.bc.ca.

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Have your own #myIABCstory to tell? Visit What’s Your Story? to share your experience as an IABC/BC member!