Running My Own Business

The benefits of being an independent contractor are manifold. But what do you do about the difficult bits, like finding clients, continuing to develop your skills and finding a unique brand? Take a look at how our members are facing those challenges.



Natasha ChettyNatasha Chetty: “Fortune Favours Those Who Take a Chance”

After many years in the business, Natasha finds herself having to look further afield in order to reignite her passion for work.

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Some facts about Natasha

Current position: Principal at Bellwether Strategies where I work with lawyers, accountants and related organizations on strategic planning, reputation management and business development projects.
IABC member since: 2011
Biggest challenge of being an independent: I miss having paid vacation days!

Twitter: @Natasha_Chetty



Todd HauptmanTodd Hauptman: “The Big Pitch”

Young and newly self-employed, Todd finds an unexpected source of support on the menu when he attends an IABC dinner.

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Some facts about Todd

Current Position: Independent PR consultant and political commentator
IABC member since: 2016
Biggest challenge of being an independent: Gaining and retaining clients.

Twitter: @askthetodd


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