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Metrics and the Professional Communicator

Date: September 29, 2014

Theme: Metrics

Using data and research for communications strategy and planning was the topic for IABC/BC’s first professional development event for the fall season. In “Metrics and the Professional Communicator”, Insights West Vice-President Mario Canseco identified the pitfalls of polling and data research, providing compelling examples and common errors to mining data. “Data collection has become remarkably cheap,” he reflected before addressing topics such as selection bias, demographic weighting, cognitive bias, coverage bias, and the use of social media and Insta-polls in the age of DIY metrics.

Audience members also participated in a question and answer period with Mario offering his advice and opinion on internal sample representation, tools such as Survey Monkey, and public and stakeholder consultations. The audience was comprised of mostly public sector institutions and several consultants.

Live tweets were encouraged under #iabcmetrics and Mario’s Powerpoint slide deck will be made available to members via the IABC/BC website under “Past Events” shortly.

Metrics and the Professional Communicator is part of IABC/BC’s Communicators Toolbox series with a focus on building foundational and emerging skills for today’s communications and marketing practitioners.

Presenter: Insights West Vice-President Mario Canseco. To keep updated on Insights West and Mario’s work, follow their tweets @insights_west and @mario_canseco.

PowerPoint presentation (a_pdf 869 KB PDF)

Switch up: What I did next

Date: April 8, 2014

Theme: Career Development

Description: Big moves, courageous leaps, new frontiers – learn from eight inspiring speakers how they successfully navigated, expanded, shifted or completely changed their careers. You’ll hear how they faced their fears, timed their moves, set their sights, embraced change and handled the curve balls.

Produced by: Basetwo Media

The Neuroscience of Leadership

Date: January 21, 2014

Theme: Leadership

Description: This cutting-edge presentation discusses neuropsychology and the important implications for understanding and being leaders. He explores how common unconscious patterns of behaviour can be overcome through careful attention to group dynamics and better group thinking. Dr. Hiebert says that success comes through understanding human reality, and human reality is the product of how our brains work.

Presenter: Dr. Bruce Hiebert

PowerPoint presentation (a_pdf 261KB PDF)

Article (a_pdf 482KB PDF)