Co-Director, Events (two-year term)

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You are…

You are a people person who values professional development and networking opportunities. You enjoy attending networking events—virtually or in person. You love to plan virtual, hybrid and in-person events. You understand the importance of providing a wide-range of engaging, fun and knowledge-driven offerings to association members. You believe connecting and building professional communities are important learning opportunities in the advancement of one’s career. With an awareness of the ever growing and changing professional association landscape , and an ability to transform small details into a big picture vision, you have a track record of planning and delivering events on time and within budgets. 

You’ll gain…

In this role, gain deeper skills in project management and leadership skills by recruiting and managing an events committee and a comprehensive budget.

You’ll deliver…

  • Develop a strategic plan for professional development and networking events programming that includes evaluation strategies. 
  • With the support of the volunteer director you will build and lead an events committee to deliver a compelling IABC/BC events program tailored to our members’ diverse needs and interests throughout the IABC/BC program year (September to June). 
  • Direct your team of Program Managers, to oversee respective teams of volunteers in the delivery of chapter events, including coordination of event logistics (venue, catering, AV, décor and entertainment, as required), liaison with speaker/presenter, managing budgets and other event logistics.
  • Work with Director, Sponsorship + Partnerships to identify sponsorship needs and potential opportunities for partnerships for each event.
  • Provide event management direction to Board members planning event activities respective to their portfolios, ensuring all events are delivered professionally, with IABC/BC style.
  • Respond to enquiries from IABC/BC members and the public regarding events. 
  • Work directly with the Director, Marketing & Communications to ensure events are adequately promoted within reasonable time frames
  • anage the overall events calendar for the year and set up event registration pages and promotional strategies.
  • Analyze post-event survey results and other research data to enhance the ongoing effectiveness of the events portfolio to better ensure that it is meeting our attendees needs. 

Carefully document event planning requirements for use in future years, using IABC/BC Google Drive and encourage event team collaboration on Basecamp.

  • Fill out this form to apply for the Co-Director, Events position. The deadline to apply for this position is April 15, 2021.

Questions? Please contact José Vargas, incoming IABC/BC President – vicepresident(at)

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