Director, Membership (two-year term)

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You are…

You are a passionate, professional IABC brand ambassador who enjoys meeting new people and understands the importance of providing great experiences to our membership. You are a strategic, big-picture thinker who is adept at creating online and offline campaigns to help communities  connect and grow. You understand the importance of making data-driven decisions, and are able to translate data into engaging initiatives and programs.  

You understand the important balance between retention and recruitment activities in the growth of IABC/BC memberships – and the critical role that the membership portfolio plays in the health of the Chapter. 

You’ll gain…

As the Director, Membership you will gain valuable leadership experience, membership program development, and professional board experience, while representing one of the largest chapters in the world.

You’ll deliver…

  • Develop and execute a strategic plan to grow our member base; and increase engagement with our existing members by promoting the value of membership. 
  • Recruit and direct a team of Managers in retention, recruitment, and research activities to grow our IABC/BC membership over the next year.
  • Proactively identify membership retention opportunities throughout the year to retain existing members. Including, advising recently lapsed members of their current status with a reminder to renew their membership.
  • Develop strategies and initiatives to attract and retain members and work with your Membership team as well as the chapter Board to implement.
  • Plan and implement regular informal IABC Get Connected in-person or virtual events for new and prospective members, with at least two sessions being open to all chapter subscribers (member and prospective members).
  • Reach out to Events Director for event planning advice to ensure the Get Connected event experience aligns with overall event processes.
  • Be the first point of contact for members and prospective members about IABC/BC and what we offer locally, nationally and globally.
  • Hold the focus for our chapter’s membership numbers and trends, and keep the Board apprised of our “membership dashboard” on an ongoing basis.
  • Conduct ongoing and annual membership research (IABC/BC’s annual membership survey), and provide the Board with resulting insights
  • Work with your team of volunteers to create and execute ongoing informal member research and share insights with the Board or respective portfolios. These research activities could include: 
    • Why lapsed members are or are not renewing
    • Why new members have joined. 
    • Whether chapter programming is meeting member needs
  • Work with the Director, Marketing & Communications to ensure member information on the website is regularly updated to reflect membership opportunities and to execute digital marketing activities focused on brand awareness and member retention
  • Ensure all new, renewing and lapsed members are contacted personally, as well as those accomplishing achievements worthy of recognition. 
  • Work with Director, Marketing & Communications and Director, Career Development to showcase our members on our online channels such as award winners, MC’s and #myIABCstory
  • Promote International activities related to membership at the chapter level, including Member Month campaigns, and work with the Board members to ensure all ambassadors help raise awareness of these important campaigns. 
  • Work with the Finance Director to ensure membership-due transfers are received monthly from IABC International, and align with our budget planning. 
  • Answer inquiries from members and prospective members in a timely manner and share any trends in questions back to the Board or respective portfolios where relevant.
  • Provide all board members with membership data from the International database (MMA) as requested.

Fill out this form to apply for the Director, Membership position. The deadline to apply for this position is April 15, 2021.

Questions? Please contact José Vargas, incoming IABC/BC President – vicepresident(at)

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