Director, Volunteer Services (two-year term)

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You’re a people person who loves to learn about others’ strengths while helping them apply those strengths in a fitting volunteer opportunity. You have an affinity for the human resources function of an organization (or have an interest in building this skill set for yourself); and also enjoy recognizing people for their contributions through awards, or other initiatives. 

Working closely with the IABC/BC board, you will support filling volunteer needs of the various portfolios and committees and support the Executive Board members with special project volunteer needs.

Gain invaluable leadership, budget-setting and professional board experience while connecting talented people to one of the largest IABC chapters in the world.  

  • Create a volunteer recruitment strategy and budget for the year
  • Recruit and direct a Volunteer Manager to support you with managing all volunteer placements, recruitment and recognition activities. 
  • Work with all board members to determine volunteer needs for the upcoming year. 
  • Work with the Director, Marketing and Communications to promote the benefits of volunteering to members at all events, and through our communication and marketing tools. 
  • Recruit new volunteers as required and support other board members to retain existing volunteers (help re-assign volunteers, make suggestions to better engage volunteers, etc.) 
  • Respond to email inquiries from members requesting information about volunteering; connect potential volunteers with board members / directors / project managers as appropriate. 
  • Support other board members in creating meaningful roles for volunteers, outlined in clear role descriptions. Support development of roles for remote members.
  • Develop a sharable volunteer database, outlining all volunteers, current role, length of service and areas of interest. 
  • Coordinate a volunteer-only professional development or social event as part of volunteer retention and recognition activities. 
  • In collaboration with the President, manage the President’s Awards program – nominations, profiles, and awards as part of the Wave Awards program in June 2018. 
  • Coordinate thank you letters and emails to volunteers in the spring, for volunteer recognition.

Fill out this form to apply for the Director, Volunteer Services position. The deadline to apply for this position is April 15, 2021.

Questions? Please contact José Vargas, incoming IABC/BC President – vicepresident(at)

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