Director, Operations and Stakeholder Relations

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Interior Lumber Manufacturers' Association
January 3, 2020
Kamloops, Canada
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Level of Experience
Established professional, Strategic advisor


DIRECTOR, OPERATIONS & STAKEHOLDER RELATIONS, Interior Lumber Manufacturers’ Association

About the ILMA:

The Interior Lumber Manufacturers’ Association represents small and medium-sized lumber manufacturers in communities across the southern interior. Most of our mills are family-owned and operated, and all have specialized their product ranges in order to remain competitive in the industry. Our mills produce everything from dimensional lumber, lamstock and veneer to beams, utility poles, and more.

Role Overview and Responsibilities:

The Director of Operations & Stakeholder Relations (DOSR) will be responsible for many of the day-to-day operations of the Interior Lumber Manufacturers’ Association.

• Reports directly to the President

• Works with the President, Board and other stakeholders; will help deliver ILMA’s strategic priorities

• Lead representative of the Association on many forestry/land base files working closely with the President

• Key stakeholder and media spokesperson, in partnership with the President and Board

• Participates at all Board of Directors meetings

• Builds relationships with provincial government staff, local governments and related stakeholders

• Builds positive awareness of ILMA through social media and other methods

• Plays a key role with ILMA staff in organizing and managing the Annual General Meeting and Convention

Desired knowledge, skills and abilities:

• ~10+ years of forest industry knowledge and experience

• Excellent communication / presentation skills to be able to communicate key ILMA initiatives to the public, local and provincial governments

• Social Media knowledge and expertise

• Ability to translate ILMA Board strategic priorities into tactical and operational plans

• Ability to build relationships with government staff in the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, and BC Timber Sales

• Good working knowledge of issues that affect the ILMA members today, and likely future challenges

• Awareness of, and ability to build relationships with ILMA members, the communities in which they operate, and local governments

• Sales and marketing skills to aid in recruitment of new members (Primary and Associate)

• Financial management skills and ability to operate in tight fiscal environments

• Leadership skills

Appointment process:

The Director, Operations & Stakeholder Relations will be appointed by the Board as the administrative and business leader of the ILMA.

Submit a resumé with cover letter to Dan Battistella, President, ILMA, by January 23, 2020. Please email directly:

Salary, benefits, work location, travel, and other details of employment are negotiable.


ILMA Overview:

ILMA Member mills have great stories to tell: decades of continuous operation; more jobs per cubic meter; local employment and purchasing; and creation of high-value products from BC’s public forest resource.

We’ve dramatically grown our primary membership along with our Associate Members in a wide-range of core supporting industries.

There is an ongoing challenge in the industry regarding a consistent supply of fibre to the various producers in all parts of the industry.

The ILMA-proposed solution to this challenge can be summed-up in one sentence: “Get the right log to the right mill.”

Over the past few years, the ILMA has been working with government to inform policies that support ‘the right log to the right mill’. We’ve been working with local government to gain support and working with staff in both the technical and political roles of the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development.

The ILMA is looking to expand our team in order to move this crucial work forward. We have an immediate opening for a director of operations to help deliver strategic initiatives, guide tactics, and lead many operations inside the organization.

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