As a member of IABC/BC, you have access to IABC/BC volunteer opportunities that enable you to build your career, develop your skills and expand your network.

Interested in volunteering with us? 

See current volunteer opportunities here.

Why volunteer?

Volunteering with IABC/BC offers you many benefits, both on a personal and professional level:

  • Develop your communications career. Connect with other communications professionals and grow your professional network.
  • Gain leadership skills. Interested in taking on a leadership role, but not getting the opportunity at your work? From time to time there are volunteer opportunities in leadership positions. However, if you’re already volunteering and interested in expanding your leadership skills you can talk to your committee director so they can look out for opportunities for you to take on a leadership role.
  • Volunteer however you can. A number of volunteer roles are available, offering you flexibility to fit your needs and availability. Some positions are volunteer-lite, with one hour or less of commitment per week, including committee meetings or volunteer-remote, with a role that can primarily be carried out via web or phone.
  • Volunteer pool – For volunteers looking for a more flexible experience, or looking to express interest for future roles, IABC/BC maintains an active volunteer pool where you can register your interests and availability. To enroll in the volunteer pool, just email our VP of volunteer services.
  • Get a letter of reference. A reference letter from a recognized industry professional could be just what your communications job application needs. Your volunteer leader can write you a general letter of reference based on your volunteer work with our chapter.
  • Get recognized. Each year we honour a “Volunteer of the Year” and “Outstanding New Volunteer”, who have made the greatest impact on the chapter with our President’s Awards.

IABC/BC offers a wide arrange of volunteer opportunities, for those looking to grow their skill set. Opportunities may exist in each of the following portfolios:

  • career development
  • membership services
  • marketing + communications
  • students + new communicators
  • events
  • sponsorship + partnerships
  • volunteer services
  • SIGS

If you have questions about volunteering or want the scoop on new volunteer opportunities, email our Director, Volunteer Services