Volunteering at IABC/BC is a member benefit that enables you to connect with the Chapter and your fellow members. Check out these opportunities to get involved.

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In addition to the active postings below, we’d be happy to discuss finding a specific volunteer opportunity suited to your particular interests and skills – to learn more, email our Director, Volunteer Services.

Available Opportunities

  • Co-Director, Marketing + Communications (two-year term)

    Are you digitally savvy, creative, innovative and a natural at building relationships both online and offline? Are you passionate about digital storytelling, that upholds our brand promise and values, and puts our members at the heart of our activities? Do you understand that effective integrated marketing initiatives require a collaborative effort across all business functions and channels – and robust processes? Do you enjoy leading a team of multi-functional skill sets, from developing creative compelling campaign content to analyzing channel performance in Google Analytics?

    If you are an experienced digital marketing and communications professional with a track record of delivering effective, and engaging on-brand multi-channel marketing and communication initiatives, then this could be the role for you.

    Lead an award-winning portfolio for one of the largest chapters in the world – and help us grow our brand and member engagement within the community through multi-channel campaigns.

    Fill out this form to apply for the Co-Director, Marketing and Communications position. The deadline to apply for this position is April 24, 2021.

    Questions? Please contact José Vargas, incoming IABC/BC President – vicepresident(at)iabc.bc.ca

  • Executive Board – Director, Finance

    If you love crunching numbers, and pride yourself on balancing budgets, while keeping expenses in check, then this role is for you. Gain critical budget-setting and fiduciary skills while supporting one of the largest IABC chapters in the world.

    Build your financial know-how by overseeing the finances for one of the largest IABC chapters in the world. If you’re a communicator looking to broaden your capabilities and you’re keen to crunch some numbers, then this role is for you. You’ll gain critical leadership skills while managing budgets, revenues and expenses, advising on financial matters, and ensuring everyone gets paid on time.

    • Monitor and maintain the financial health of the chapter.
    • Attend monthly IABC/BC executive calls and serve as a board buddy for portfolio Directors.
    • Prepare and present “fundamentals of budget and finance” for the directors at strategic planning session.
    • Review proposed portfolio budgets and work with executive team to prepare annual budget and prepare updated budgets as required.
    • Ensure accurate records of all financial transactions are maintained by the bookkeeper.
    • Invoice, collect or arrange for collection of all money due to the chapter
    • Receive, process and pay expense requisitions from portfolio directors and invoices from vendors in a timely manner.
    • Function as an authorized signing officer.
    • Ensure accurate monthly financial statements are prepared by the bookkeeper. Distribute statements and explain financial position to the executive and board monthly.
    • Work with accounting firm to submit annual T2 to CRA at end of each calendar year and to conduct review of financial records in alternating years, or annually if deemed necessary. Recommend and oversee an audit if required.
    • Attend Annual General Meeting and present/report on finances.
    • Prepare (calendar) year-end financial report for IABC headquarters, which are due in mid -February.

    Fill out this form to apply for the Executive Board, Finance Director position. The deadline to apply for this position is April 24, 2021.

    Questions? Please contact José Vargas, incoming IABC/BC President – vicepresident(at)iabc.bc.ca

  • Event coordinator

    If you’re an event-savvy, super-organized communicator who gives attention to detail, we need you! Whether you’re new to the area of events or a seasoned professional, we’re looking for your unique style of seeing an event through from idea to execution! This is a great opportunity to maintain or gain valuable event-coordination skills, while being an integral team member of the IABC/BC team. Creative and enthusiastic candidates, read on:

    • Responsible for coordinating with the marketing and communications teams and registration office to send out and publish event details to key audiences 
    • Work with the Event Managers to draft compelling content for the IABC/BC website, event registration page, email invitation and social media channels  
    • Ensure that the event is promoted effectively to key audiences through IABC/BC channels
    • Keep a close eye on event registration numbers and work with the events team and marketing and communications teams to identify strategies to boost attendance if necessary


    • Highly organized, excellent attention to detail, and project management skills
    • Excellent interpersonal, and collaboration skills with a focus on professionalism
    • Enthusiasm, flexibility and ability to work with a team remotely
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Strong copywriting skills; ability to create promotional content, proofread/edit copy, and write for various digital channels including the web, blog posts and social
    • Ability to prioritize tasks, work under pressure, and follow processes
    • Previous experience with hosting Zoom events and drafting content for event promotions is an asset

    Time Commitment

    • Roughly four-to-six hours per event
    • Available the week before the event date for on-call support 

    Skills Learned:

    • Develop your event skills and experience, including marketing, organization, planning and delivery
    • Build on your existing strategic planning/campaign-management skills
    • Exercise your creativity in event execution and promotion
    • Expand your portfolio of work while networking and meeting other communicators
    • Hosting and managing online events

    Interested? Contact volunteers@iabc.bc.ca to learn more.

  • Director, Student and New Communicator Services (two-year term)

    You have a strong understanding of where a student or new communicator is at in their career, and can relate to their interests and motivations to climb the career ladder. You are inspired to cultivate relationships with local Universities, relevant communications programs, and newcomer agencies to engage new student members, recent graduates, professionals making a change in career and newcomers to the province. You love to connect with people and be an ambassador of the IABC/BC brand in the community, while helping connect newer members to opportunities within the chapter.

    In this role you will gain invaluable leadership, budgeting and professional board experience, while building relationships in the local community: 

    • Develop and implement an engagement plan to recruit student members and prospects, new communicators, and lead a team of volunteers to deliver this work.
    • Develop and nurture relationships with local post-secondary institutions, and leverage all recruitment opportunities within those institutions. For example, this may include the SFU’s Careers in Communications annual event, and others.
    • With the Director, Events, coordinate at least two events catering to student interests and new communicators each year. This may include speed-mentoring, or collaborating with the Director, Career Development, on mentoring program opportunities.
    • Reach out to Events Director for event planning advice to ensure the new communicator/student event experience aligns with overall event processes.
    • Work with the Director, Marketing & Communications to develop a communications plan directed to student members through our existing channels, including our bi-weekly newsletter, blog, social channels, and website. 
    • Manage the Students Accelerating in Learning (SAIL) Award program, as part of our chapter’s annual Wave Awards and help profile nominees and past winners, etc. 
    • Develop and maintain student-specific recruitment materials for use at events and promotional activities.
    • Work with Director, Volunteer Services and Director, Marketing and Communications to promote volunteer opportunities to students and new communicators
    • Work to establish relationships with external organizations and academic institutions.
    • Identify other potential opportunities to further engage students and new communicators across IABC/BC, including possible mentee-volunteer opportunities to support the existing Board members.

    Fill out this form to apply for the Director, Awards Programs position. The deadline to apply for this position is April 24, 2021.

    Questions? Please contact José Vargas, incoming IABC/BC President – vicepresident(at)iabc.bc.ca

  • Co-Director, Events (two-year term)

    You are…

    You are a people person who values professional development and networking opportunities. You enjoy attending networking events—virtually or in person. You love to plan virtual, hybrid and in-person events. You understand the importance of providing a wide-range of engaging, fun and knowledge-driven offerings to association members. You believe connecting and building professional communities are important learning opportunities in the advancement of one’s career. With an awareness of the ever growing and changing professional association landscape , and an ability to transform small details into a big picture vision, you have a track record of planning and delivering events on time and within budgets. 

    You’ll gain…

    In this role, gain deeper skills in project management and leadership skills by recruiting and managing an events committee and a comprehensive budget.

    You’ll deliver…

    • Develop a strategic plan for professional development and networking events programming that includes evaluation strategies. 
    • With the support of the volunteer director you will build and lead an events committee to deliver a compelling IABC/BC events program tailored to our members’ diverse needs and interests throughout the IABC/BC program year (September to June). 
    • Direct your team of Program Managers, to oversee respective teams of volunteers in the delivery of chapter events, including coordination of event logistics (venue, catering, AV, décor and entertainment, as required), liaison with speaker/presenter, managing budgets and other event logistics.
    • Work with Director, Sponsorship + Partnerships to identify sponsorship needs and potential opportunities for partnerships for each event.
    • Provide event management direction to Board members planning event activities respective to their portfolios, ensuring all events are delivered professionally, with IABC/BC style.
    • Respond to enquiries from IABC/BC members and the public regarding events. 
    • Work directly with the Director, Marketing & Communications to ensure events are adequately promoted within reasonable time frames
    • anage the overall events calendar for the year and set up event registration pages and promotional strategies.
    • Analyze post-event survey results and other research data to enhance the ongoing effectiveness of the events portfolio to better ensure that it is meeting our attendees needs. 

    Carefully document event planning requirements for use in future years, using IABC/BC Google Drive and encourage event team collaboration on Basecamp.

    • Fill out this form to apply for the Co-Director, Events position. The deadline to apply for this position is April 24, 2021.

    Questions? Please contact José Vargas, incoming IABC/BC President – vicepresident(at)iabc.bc.ca

  • Director, Membership (two-year term)

    You are…

    You are a passionate, professional IABC brand ambassador who enjoys meeting new people and understands the importance of providing great experiences to our membership. You are a strategic, big-picture thinker who is adept at creating online and offline campaigns to help communities  connect and grow. You understand the importance of making data-driven decisions, and are able to translate data into engaging initiatives and programs.  

    You understand the important balance between retention and recruitment activities in the growth of IABC/BC memberships – and the critical role that the membership portfolio plays in the health of the Chapter. 

    You’ll gain…

    As the Director, Membership you will gain valuable leadership experience, membership program development, and professional board experience, while representing one of the largest chapters in the world.

    You’ll deliver…

    • Develop and execute a strategic plan to grow our member base; and increase engagement with our existing members by promoting the value of membership. 
    • Recruit and direct a team of Managers in retention, recruitment, and research activities to grow our IABC/BC membership over the next year.
    • Proactively identify membership retention opportunities throughout the year to retain existing members. Including, advising recently lapsed members of their current status with a reminder to renew their membership.
    • Develop strategies and initiatives to attract and retain members and work with your Membership team as well as the chapter Board to implement.
    • Plan and implement regular informal IABC Get Connected in-person or virtual events for new and prospective members, with at least two sessions being open to all chapter subscribers (member and prospective members).
    • Reach out to Events Director for event planning advice to ensure the Get Connected event experience aligns with overall event processes.
    • Be the first point of contact for members and prospective members about IABC/BC and what we offer locally, nationally and globally.
    • Hold the focus for our chapter’s membership numbers and trends, and keep the Board apprised of our “membership dashboard” on an ongoing basis.
    • Conduct ongoing and annual membership research (IABC/BC’s annual membership survey), and provide the Board with resulting insights
    • Work with your team of volunteers to create and execute ongoing informal member research and share insights with the Board or respective portfolios. These research activities could include: 
      • Why lapsed members are or are not renewing
      • Why new members have joined. 
      • Whether chapter programming is meeting member needs
    • Work with the Director, Marketing & Communications to ensure member information on the website is regularly updated to reflect membership opportunities and to execute digital marketing activities focused on brand awareness and member retention
    • Ensure all new, renewing and lapsed members are contacted personally, as well as those accomplishing achievements worthy of recognition. 
    • Work with Director, Marketing & Communications and Director, Career Development to showcase our members on our online channels such as award winners, MC’s and #myIABCstory
    • Promote International activities related to membership at the chapter level, including Member Month campaigns, and work with the Board members to ensure all ambassadors help raise awareness of these important campaigns. 
    • Work with the Finance Director to ensure membership-due transfers are received monthly from IABC International, and align with our budget planning. 
    • Answer inquiries from members and prospective members in a timely manner and share any trends in questions back to the Board or respective portfolios where relevant.
    • Provide all board members with membership data from the International database (MMA) as requested.

    Fill out this form to apply for the Director, Membership position. The deadline to apply for this position is April 24, 2021.

    Questions? Please contact José Vargas, incoming IABC/BC President – vicepresident(at)iabc.bc.ca

  • Director, Volunteer Services (two-year term)

    You’re a people person who loves to learn about others’ strengths while helping them apply those strengths in a fitting volunteer opportunity. You have an affinity for the human resources function of an organization (or have an interest in building this skill set for yourself); and also enjoy recognizing people for their contributions through awards, or other initiatives. 

    Working closely with the IABC/BC board, you will support filling volunteer needs of the various portfolios and committees and support the Executive Board members with special project volunteer needs.

    Gain invaluable leadership, budget-setting and professional board experience while connecting talented people to one of the largest IABC chapters in the world.  

    • Create a volunteer recruitment strategy and budget for the year
    • Recruit and direct a Volunteer Manager to support you with managing all volunteer placements, recruitment and recognition activities. 
    • Work with all board members to determine volunteer needs for the upcoming year. 
    • Work with the Director, Marketing and Communications to promote the benefits of volunteering to members at all events, and through our communication and marketing tools. 
    • Recruit new volunteers as required and support other board members to retain existing volunteers (help re-assign volunteers, make suggestions to better engage volunteers, etc.) 
    • Respond to email inquiries from members requesting information about volunteering; connect potential volunteers with board members / directors / project managers as appropriate. 
    • Support other board members in creating meaningful roles for volunteers, outlined in clear role descriptions. Support development of roles for remote members.
    • Develop a sharable volunteer database, outlining all volunteers, current role, length of service and areas of interest. 
    • Coordinate a volunteer-only professional development or social event as part of volunteer retention and recognition activities. 
    • In collaboration with the President, manage the President’s Awards program – nominations, profiles, and awards as part of the Wave Awards program in June 2018. 
    • Coordinate thank you letters and emails to volunteers in the spring, for volunteer recognition.

    Fill out this form to apply for the Director, Volunteer Services position. The deadline to apply for this position is April 24, 2021.

    Questions? Please contact José Vargas, incoming IABC/BC President – vicepresident(at)iabc.bc.ca