Vision, Mission, Goals

Our Vision

To grow our IABC/BC community (growth and engagement). Our vision is to build relationships and connect with members, prospective members, other organizations, businesses, communities and higher education institutions so that our organization thrives and grows in the city. Through this growth we can also raise the profile of our members and of communications as a strategic function.


Our Mission

To advance the profession, create connections locally and globally, and develop strategic communicators. Our mission is to provide engaging and valuable learning and networking opportunities, and to deliver exceptional value and fulfilling experiences for our members and volunteers while building relationships in the broader local business community (including communications professionals, sponsors, and partners). Our goal is to raise the profile of IABC British Columbia, our members, and of communications as a strategic leadership function.


Our Goals

We are in our first year of a new 3-year strategic plan. What we’ve learned from the past year, our member survey, and conversations with both members and volunteers alike is that while some of our goals continue to resonate, some change was necessary to stay current. This year we are focused on building the IABC/BC community, and on offering diverse and varied personal development opportunities that include a focus on digital and technology topics as well as traditional leadership and communication skills.


Our strategic goals for 2018 – 2021

  1. Increase brand awareness and membership base
  2. Champion excellent chapter management
  3. Increase community engagement
  4. Modernize and foster a culture of forward-thinking digital communicators
  5. Provide engaging, relevant and valuable experiences to our members

IABC International Strategy

In 2017 IABC International created a new #IABC1720 strategic framework:

  1. Advance Profession – Advance awareness of communications as a strategic leadership function, demonstrating its impact on business performance
  2. Create Connection – Create global peer connections, facilitating ways for practitioners to interact and support each other
  3. Develop Strategic Communicators – Develop opportunities for learning, leadership and recognition to help communicators become trusted business advisors