Vision, Mission, Goals

Our Vision

IABC/BC is the preferred organization for communications professionals in BC, bringing like-minded individuals together in a strong, evolving, vibrant community that shares and learns from one another.


Our Mission

We deliver exceptional value and fulfilling experiences for our volunteers, members and prospective members, and build relationships with other organizations, businesses, communities and higher education institutions so that our organization thrives.


Our Goals

Priority number one for us this year: to safely and progressively transition our Chapter through British Columbia’s restart plan. Our board made the decision to focus our strategic plan on a transitional 2021-22 chapter year.

We are grateful to our members for the invaluable and insightful feedback they provided in our 2021 member survey. In response to the question, what communication challenges are you currently facing that you feel IABC/BC could help you solve? the following key themes emerged from your responses:

  • Pandemic and Recovery
  • Strategic Communications
  • Internal Communications
  • Digital Communications
  • Connections/ Networking
  • Professional Development
  • Educational Resources/ Tools


Our 2021-22 Chapter Strategy

Activated by the voice of our members; informed by the virtual lessons and data from the 2020-21 chapter year; empowered by the #IABC2025 4-year International strategic plan (“Stronger Together”); and driven by the desire to do good by our members, volunteers and sponsors, our 2021-22 Chapter strategy and programming centres around three key pillars:



IABC International Strategy

As we look toward 2025, IABC is at a critical point. Our global community has never been more connected, yet our traditional business model and revenue streams are under immense pressure. In addition to the impact of a pandemic on every professional association, IABC is confronting global trends that have accelerated in recent years and continue to impact on our industry.

Just as the world is changing, IABC must also evolve. We are currently focusing on our Stronger Together #IABC2025 Strategic Plan through 2025 as our response to the changes impacting our world and our profession. Learn more about this Strategic Plan and the steps were taking to improve IABC today: