2019-2020 Chapter Board

Executive Board


Adam Brayford, SCMP

Title & Company: Communications Manager, Bananatag

Twitter: @adambrayford
LinkedIn: Adam Brayford

Past President

Erin Driscoll, ABC

Title & Company: Change Communications Lead, BC Liquor Distribution Branch

Twitter: @ErinDriscollABC
LinkedIn: Erin Driscoll


Dana Higgins, PMP

Title & Company: Associate Director, Community Engagement & Partnerships, SFU Beedie School of Business

Twitter: @danahiggi
LinkedIn: Dana Higgins

Executive Administrator

Julia White

Title & Company: Senior Manager, Communications, CDRD

Twitter: @JuliaW604
LinkedIn: Julia White

Director, Finance

Sandra Russell, CMP

Title & Company: Manager, Corporate Communications, City of Colwood

Twitter: @sandraswish
LinkedIn: Sandra Russell, CMP



Director, Membership

Jasmine Bradley

Title & Company: Manager of Corporate Communications, E-Comm 911

LinkedIn: Jasmine Bradley

Co-Director, Events

Nicole Adams, ABC

Title & Company: Director of Communications, Industry Training Authority

LinkedIn: Nicole Adams

Co-Director, Events

Jinny Wu

Title & Company: Communications Manager, Vancouver Convention Centre

Twitter: @jinnywu
LinkedIn: Jinny Wu

Director, Special Interest Groups (SIGS)

Lauren Girdler

Lauren Girdler

Title & Company: Communications Advisor at Fisheries and Oceans, Canada

LinkedIn:  laurengirdler

Director, Career Development

Denise Leech

Title & Company: Senior Director, University Communications, Simon Fraser University

Twitter: @deeleech
LinkedIn: Denise Leech

Director, Sponsorship & Advertising

John Corry

John Corry

Title & Company: Communications and Public Affairs Advisor, Catalyst Paper

Twitter: @corryographer
LinkedIn: johncorry

Co-Director, Marketing + Communications

Nicole Grima

Title & Company: Accounts & Operations Manager, Simpleview

Twitter: @NicoleGrima
LinkedIn: Nicole Grima

Co-Director, Marketing + Communications

Rumnique Nannar

Title & Company: Communications Coordinator – City of Vancouver

Instagram: @rotikapdarum
LinkedIn: Rumnique Nannar

Director, Award Programs

Elaine O’Connor, CMP

Title & Company: Communications Consultant

Twitter: @elaine_oconnor
LinkedIn: Elaine O’Connor

Director, Student Development

José Vargas

Title & Company: Communications Officer, Provincial Health Services Authority

Twitter: @josevargastogo
LinkedIn: José Vargas

Director, Volunteer Services

Rachel Wong

Title & Company: Communications Consultant, Be the Change Group

LinkedIn: Rachel Wong