Mentorship is an excellent opportunity to learn, share your knowledge, advance your career and meet fellow communicators.

One of the benefits of belonging to a professional association is the opportunity to network with and learn from professionals outside your work. Our mentorship program is designed to bring communicators together to have conversations that drive professional growth in a fun yet confidential manner.


Formal 2023-24 Mentorship Program

Our more formal Mentorship Program is anticipated to run January – May 2024. What differentiates this program from speed mentoring is that mentors and mentees will be matched in one-on-one pairs to have in-person or virtual conversations that drive professional growth in a fun yet confidential manner.

For mentors with 7+ years of experience, the program is an opportunity for you to give back to your profession, share your learnings and help guide your mentee through the ever-changing world of being a professional communicator. Mentoring also counts towards the points you need to maintain IABC certification. Click here to apply to be a mentor.

For mentees, the program is a wonderful way to learn and grow your knowledge and networks, but also test your theories, set developmental goals, and leverage a community that is dedicated to supporting each other and the profession at large. Click here to apply to be a mentee.


More about the program

  • You need to be a current IABC member or volunteer to participate in this program
  • Applications are open until December 6, 2023.
  • Mentors should have 7+ years experience (mid-level communicator and above)
  • You must be able to commit to meeting at least once a month (in-person/virtual) with your mentee/mentor, however we encourage you to find a schedule that works for you both

Due to the one-on-one relationship of the mentoring matches, the number of mentees accepted into the program will depend on the number and compatibility of the mentors who apply.

We look forward to welcoming you to the program!


Feedback from past participants

“This program will help you make connections and learn from the best in the business.” – Mentee

“This is a great opportunity to practice mentoring and coaching skills — but also to learn from — the next generation of communications professionals. It’s an excellent way to give back and support the future of the profession and to help expand networks and form communities of practice. Highly recommend.” – Mentor

“This is a great program that provides valuable insight in career development and direction as well as a way to grow your network.” – Mentee

“The program is a deeper kind of networking.  You meet someone you don’t know and you go well beyond the cocktail party chitchat to have meaningful conversations and build a lasting bond.” – Mentor

“This program is filled with mentors who are truly passionate about supporting upcoming young professionals in the communications field. I highly recommend participating in the program as a mentee.” – Mentee

I really enjoyed this opportunity to collaborate with someone who shares my passion for this profession. It felt like a rewarding way to apply my skills and experience in the field. I too benefitted from my partner’s insights and thoughtful approach. It was a fun and productive collaboration! – Mentor



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