Join our board

Grow your leadership skills and help guide the direction of our dynamic board within a supportive and collaborative environment.

With nearly 400 members, IABC/BC is one of the largest IABC chapters worldwide. Our members come from all kinds of backgrounds, work in various industries, and have a range of experience.

Our board structure

Our board is made up of a team of volunteer directors within specialized portfolios led by an executive board comprised of our president, vice-president, past-president, executive administrator and treasurer. Together they develop, deliver and govern all of the activities that take place within our chapter under the guidance of our association bylaws.

Every portfolio director has a team of volunteers to support their work. Being a director is a great opportunity to build team management skills, and even mentor volunteers to grow their skills – all within a safe and supportive environment.

Meet our current board, 2022-23

What’s in it for you?

  • Gain hands-on leadership and professional board experience and participate in key decision making for your portfolio and the chapter
  • Grow your business experience skill set with everything from strategic planning to budget setting and reporting
  • Network and share best-practices with fellow communicators at the local, regional and international levels
  • Be part of a passionate, talented and dynamic team committed to IABC/BC and the local communications and marketing community
  • Experience being part of the leadership team of an award-winning chapter


All members of IABC/BC in good standing are welcome to submit a nomination form for a position on the board of directors for the upcoming year. Ideally, we look for members with past board experience or who have actively volunteered and have relevant skills to lead the portfolio of interest. However, we are open to all members with a keen desire to give back to the profession, learn, grow and contribute.

Board selection committee process

Our board is recruited in the spring of each year. Once our board selection committee has reviewed the nominations and put their recommendations forward, our board is voted in at our Annual General Meeting (AGM), held every year in June. Following the AGM, our member activities take a break throughout the summer. This allows our new board to get oriented and ramp up programming for the upcoming year. A chapter year runs from July to June for board members.

Board Roles

Here are brief overviews of positions on the Board where we recruit for new board members. Keep in mind, some current directors will be continuing in their role for the second year of a two-year term. However, we’re interested in what you’re interested in, and will be able to recommend options for you if the role you desire is not yet available.

Vice President
You are an enthusiastic leader, an IABC/BC brand ambassador and excited to move the chapter forward. Keen to lead a dedicated group of chapter leaders who are committed to our community of marketing and communications members.  If you are a member who is ready to step into this leadership position and gain invaluable entrepreneurial skills and business experience, this is the role for you.

Director, Finance
If you love crunching numbers, and pride yourself on balancing budgets, while keeping expenses in check, then this role is for you. Gain critical budget-setting and fiduciary skills while supporting one of the largest IABC chapters in the world. Build your financial know-how by overseeing the finances for one of the largest IABC chapters in the world. If you’re a communicator looking to broaden your capabilities, this role is for you. You’ll gain critical leadership skills while managing budgets, revenues and expenses, advising on financial matters, and ensuring everyone gets paid on time.

Executive Administrator
You are detail-oriented and enjoy project management and administration. You thrive on being a go-to person in your organization, known for being in-the-know, all while getting to know the communication landscape in the BC chapter. You are part of the IABC/BC Executive team and work closely with the President and Vice President to ensure all Board members have the information and resources needed to run each board meeting and support portfolio activities. You are also responsible for overseeing the digital files that keep IABC/BC operating year to year, including the documentation of board meetings.

Director, Awards Programs
You are a passionate proponent of IABC’s international, national and local awards opportunities, and you are keen to grow the numbers of BC chapter members who participate in them. You may have earned some of these prestigious awards yourself! If you are passionate about the value awards can provide to a communicator’s career and personal fulfillment and celebrating our local talent, this is the role for you.

Director, Career Development
You are a champion of life-long learning and development, you’re passionate about helping fellow communicators to connect and find meaningful experiences in which they can share and build their expertise, such as through achieving global certification as SCMP or CMP, mentoring and through the Gift of Communication. With your program management wizardry, you are inspired and motivated by helping people grow their careers, giving back to the profession, and supporting local organizations. If this sounds like you, then this could be the right role for you. In this role you will gain invaluable leadership, budgeting and professional board experience, while providing career development opportunities for our members.

Director, Events and Professional Development
You are a people person who values professional development and networking opportunities in the communications profession. You enjoy going to local events and understand the importance of providing varied, engaging offerings to our members that provide them with fun learning and networking opportunities. You believe connecting is an important learning opportunity in the advancement of one’s career, and love to plan events. In this role, gain deeper skills in project management and leadership skills by recruiting and managing an events committee and a comprehensive budget.

Director, Marketing and Communications
Are you digitally savvy, creative, innovative and a natural at building relationships both online and offline? Are you passionate about digital storytelling, that upholds our brand promise and values, and puts our members at the heart of our activities? Do you understand that effective integrated marketing initiatives require a collaborative effort across all business functions and channels – and robust processes? Do you enjoy leading a team of multi-functional skill sets, from developing creative compelling campaign content to analyzing channel performance in Google Analytics? Lead an award-winning portfolio for one of the largest chapters in the world – and help us grow our brand and member engagement within the community through multi-channel campaigns.

Director, Membership
You are a passionate, and professional IABC brand ambassador who enjoys meeting new people, and understands the importance of providing great experiences to our membership. You understand the important balance between retention and recruitment activities in the growth of IABC/BC memberships – and the critical role that the membership portfolio plays in the health of the Chapter. As the Director, Membership you will gain invaluable leadership experience, membership program development, and professional board experience, while representing one of the largest chapters in the world.

Director, Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
Are you passionate about facilitating learning and networking opportunities for our members to explore shared interests through regular meetups? Our SIG program is championed by members, is free for members to participate in and attend, and offers informal opportunities to connect, learn and exchange knowledge with peers. As our SIGs Director, you will grow your network by understanding our membership demographics and identifying growth opportunities for the program.

Director, Sponsorship and Partnerships
You’re a natural people person, who understands the value of creating and maintaining mutually beneficial partnerships within the community. Adept at identifying, approaching, and engaging business partners, you’re enthusiastic about generating and negotiating opportunities for both IABC/BC and local organizations. As a big picture thinker, you have strong business acumen, and enjoy working with both internal and external partners to generate revenue and secure resources needed to deliver meaningful programming and opportunities for current and prospective members. At the same time, you are detail oriented to ensure that sponsor agreements are being executed through our marketing/communications and events. In this role, you will gain invaluable leadership, budgeting and professional board experience, while building relationships in the community within an award-winning portfolio.

Director, Student + New Communicator Services
You have a strong understanding of where a student or new communicator is at in their career, and can relate to their interests and motivations to climb the career ladder. You are inspired to cultivate relationships with local Universities, relevant communications programs, and newcomer agencies to engage new student members, recent graduates, professionals making a change in career and newcomers to the province. You love to connect with people and be an ambassador of the IABC/BC brand in the community, while helping connect newer members to opportunities within the chapter. In this role you will gain invaluable leadership, budgeting and professional board experience, while building relationships in the local community.

Director, Volunteer Services
You’re a people person who loves to learn about others’ strengths while helping them apply those strengths in a fitting volunteer opportunity. You have an affinity for the human resources function of an organization (or have an interest in building this skill set for yourself); and also enjoy recognizing people for their contributions through awards, or other initiatives. Working closely with the IABC/BC board, you will support filling volunteer needs of the various portfolios and committees and support the Executive Board members with special project volunteer needs. Gain invaluable leadership, budget-setting and professional board experience while connecting talented people to one of the largest IABC chapters in the world.


If you have questions or would like more information, contact our current Vice President, Scott Parker, at