Grow your career and connect to your community with IABC/BC

IABC is a global network of communication professionals—with deep roots right here in BC. Our members are varied. We work in different fields and come from different backgrounds. Some of us have been around for many years, and some are just starting out.

What we have in common is a passion for our profession—for learning, connecting and sharing.

Grow your career

We know your career is hugely important to you. And as a network of your peers – we want to support your progress! Here’s how:

Job postings
Jobline, our job posting service, connects employers with communications jobs in Vancouver (and across BC) to the candidates who have the right skills and experience. Whether you’re looking for a communications job, or looking for a star performer, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you need a mentor or want to mentor, we have formal and informal programs to suit you. The notable Gift of Communication matches mentor/mentee pairs on projects for selected non-profits. Mentees learn from some of the province’s top communicators, and mentors find it refreshing to step out of the day-to-day, share their expertise with junior communicators, and contribute to the community. We think of Gift of Communication as a win/win/win.

There are other mentor opportunities throughout the year. Stay tuned to the Connect newsletter for info. Not yet a member? You don’t have to be to receive our newsletter, so sign on up!

Professional development events & SIGs
We offer informal and formal (but never stuffy!) events on topics our members tell us they want to learn about. There’s favourable member pricing (the SIGs below are free… can’t get much more favourable than that), and each event offers an opportunity for networking on top of nitty gritty skills and info.

As well as our formal professional development events, IABC/BC’s unique Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings focus on specialized areas of communication such as digital strategy, employee comms, and health communication. SIGs are an instant network of peers and a great place to swap insights into communication challenges and triumphs.

Most members have stories to tell about how they landed that job or contract – or series of jobs/contracts – through IABC connections. Yes, they also had the chops and chutzpah to ace the interviews – that’s a given. But the network works.

Another reason to build your network? You’re human. Humans need community. IABC/BC is a terrific community. Just come out to one of our networking events and you’ll see we’re passionate, smart, and fun. Like you!

Volunteering – “give back” to get the most from your membership
The old saying “you get what you give” is nowhere more true than your membership with IABC/BC. Volunteers make our chapter tick… and our cadre of enthusiastic volunteers take home the prize every time – as measured by network expanded, skills enhanced, resume beefed up and fun had.

Be part of an international movement

The benefits of membership don’t stop at the local level. Our regional and international programs enrich the chapter’s offerings.

  • Webinars and publications from IABC international put members in touch with industry thought leaders.
  • Regional and international events bring members together to learn, discuss, debate and connect.
  • The IABC Global Standard guides communicators around the world.

And as part of a volunteer-run organization, members can contribute, learn and lead at every level – from chapter through regional right up to international.

The new certification program is a terrific way to show you mean business – in every sense. Your progress through the four levels offers proof of your advancing skill and experience. Maintaining your certification gives you a structured way to stay fresh and relevant.

Certification isn’t restricted to members. And wherever you go across the globe, the letters behind your name mean that you adhere to IABC’s Global Standard for strategic communication.

Awards & celebrations
Do you want your great work to be recognized? IABC offers a series of awards programs that celebrate achievement, from the local to the global stage.

At IABC/BC, our chapter Wave Awards recognize the people behind the great work that happens in our chapter. Silver Leaf is Canada’s national awards program, recognizing excellence in communication management, research, education and skills. Gold Quill is the gold standard – IABC’s annual international awards program that celebrates the best, most innovative, creative and impactful communication work throughout the world.

And the best part? As an IABC/BC chapter member, you’ll regularly rub shoulders with the best of the best – quite literally. Our members bring home the hardware every year – and winners modestly share the limelight and generously share their expertise with the rest of the community.

Won’t you join us?

Sign up for our newsletter, come on out to an event, or jump right in and join IABC. Want to connect right away? Get in touch with our member services director at members@iabc.bc.ca. We’d love to hear from you!