Ours is a vibrant community

Our chapter is a vibrant community of professional communicators from diverse industries and disciplines. Here, we share a passion for our profession, learning, connecting and sharing. This is where you connect to ideas, job opportunities and people.

Our Story

A vibrant and diverse community of business communicators, our chapter connects members to ideas, job opportunities and people through professional learning and a generous culture of sharing.

With a membership of more than 400 professional communicators from diverse industries and disciplines, this is a community alive with knowledge, experience, ideas and support; all of which are freely exchanged. We’re also plugged into a worldwide community of peers willing to help you on your professional journey every step of the way. You need only ask.

Ours is the association of choice for communicators because…

  • Whether you’re a student, an experienced communicator, or an ABC-accredited professional, our diverse programming has something for everyone: lively and varied networking events (we’re communicators, after all!), engaging professional and career development opportunities, and recognition and accreditation programs that inspire us to be great communicators.
  • As communicators we share a lot in common, so it’s easy to build valuable connections − even friendships.
  • We have access to current global communications resources and best practices to keep you current and relevant.
  • Diverse volunteer opportunities allow you to build your skills, give back to your community, and contribute to a great member experience.
  • The energy, spark, and warmth are yours to enjoy when you engage.

Wherever you are in your career, we are here to connect you.