Winner of the 2021 IABC/BC Making Waves Award – Natalie Lim

Back to Blogs By Natalie Lim Posted: April 28, 2022

I started my professional career as a communicator in January 2020—bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and with no clue that a global pandemic would consume our lives just a few months later. For me, COVID-19 was a crash course in the importance of clear and strategic communication, especially in times of change and uncertainty. It showed me that the work we do as communicators makes a real, tangible impact on people’s lives. And it confirmed my personal belief that this is the field I want to spend my career in.

However, this personal belief was also accompanied by feelings of isolation and imposter syndrome. It was often difficult to feel connected to my work and my team when it felt like my colleagues only lived in Zoom; as I took on more tasks and responsibilities, I wondered if I was really capable of living up to the expectations that my team seemed to have of me.

When I learned that I had been nominated for the 2021 IABC/BC Making Waves Award, I was honestly shocked, and very touched to know how much my colleagues valued my work and contributions. Even though the award ceremony was virtual, I felt such a sense of community with the other attendees, and it was wonderful to connect with so many other professionals who were passionate about the same things as me. Just to be nominated at all meant so much to me—and of course, winning the award was the icing on the cake.

In 30 years, when I look back on my career, I suspect that I will see this award as a turning point. It had such a positive impact on the way that I view myself and my work, and I am so grateful for the IABC/BC chapter and for my colleagues who thought to put my name forward. You

Natalie Lim

Communications Officer, Simon Fraser University

2021 IABC/BC Making Waves Award Recipient

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