2022 SAIL Award Winner Erica Apacible on what it means to win a Wave Award

Back to Blogs Posted: April 14, 2023
Erica Apacible Wave Award 2022

Erica Apacible

I’ve been having a pinch-me moment for more than a year now. 

My communications career hit the gas in 2020, right when much of the world seemed to come to an abrupt stop. I was somehow lucky enough to land back-to-back co-op placements, carry out work that made me feel alive and be part of the action alongside some of the best. So, I thought it was safe to assume that my moment—my stars-aligning, don’t-wake-me-until-it’s-over-moment—had already come and gone. I’m grateful that I was wrong. 

When I found out I was nominated for the 2022 SAIL Award, I was filled with all of the emotions. It warmed me to know that my community valued my work and believed in the communicator I was becoming. (Discovering that my colleagues put this together right under my nose also maybe gave me the giggles.)

I’m not really known for pressing pause, so I’m glad the nomination encouraged me to recognize the strides I’d made. As a rookie in this profession, it can be tempting to keep pushing forward without stopping to celebrate the wins. FOMO, anyone? But taking time to reflect allowed me to come into the evening with a proud posture and a sunny smile on my face. 

Sitting amongst such a passionate and experienced chapter was more than enough for me, but coming home with a win is a memory I’ll always keep nearby. When I need that extra boost—when I could use that pinch of luck again—I’ll always remember that special evening in June. 

Here’s to the up-and-comers! I hope your moment comes your way soon. 

If there’s a student you’d like to celebrate, you can learn more about 2023 Wave Awards nominations here.

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