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After more than 20 years of working in the field, Brenda Lea Brown still loves working in corporate communications: “The time as flown by so quickly,” she says with a smile. “After all this time, I still love going to work every day.”


Brenda Lea took a next step in her career in 2003 to become an Accredited Business Communicator (ABC). Recently, she took another leap, receiving the certification of Strategic Communications Management Professional (SCMP). 

“I’m glad I did it,” says Brenda Lea, who has worked for the BC Securities Commission since 2001. “I want to encourage young communications professionals to pursue a similar path.” 


This path is deeply rooted in her passion for writing and storytelling: “I went into communications because I’ve always been a writer – I started my career as a playwright,” the avid hiker and reader explains. “Communications was an extension of what I always liked to do, which was write and bring ideas to life. I love to connect people through ideas and words.” “And I like convincing people to do something,” she adds with a laugh. “My mother always said I should be lawyer.”

From ABC to SCMP

Brenda Lea says the accreditation committee made it “very easy” for ABCs to take the next step as a SCMP. “The accreditation council streamlined the certification process for ABCs,” she explains. “It was hard to say to no to.”


So should young communicators pursue a similar professional path? “Absolutely,” says Brenda Lea without hesitation. ““You’ll discover the value in simply going for it.”


A universal standard

In the same vein as other professional certifications, Brenda Lea believes that IABC is going in the right direction by developing the SCMP.certification program.


“It puts business communications on a footing with other professions, especially in its requirement to renew certification every year by continuing professional development points – and like other fields, it keeps you up-to-date” she says.

“Given that IABC members work everywhere in the world, a universal standard strengthens the profession and fosters global connection.”


Interested in certification? 

You can find out more about the CMP and SCMP certifications here on our website. 

Ready to take the exam? That’s great! The next exam sitting in Vancouver is on June 9 at 9am during World Conference. Apply here to sit the exam



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