Meet our directors: Glauce Fleury

Back to Blogs By Gemma Lawrence, President Posted: July 17, 2018

We’ve been looking for a Student + New Communicator’s director…and she was right here all along!

…I’m very happy to share the news that Glauce Fleury has decided to continue in her role as director, student + new communicator services.

About Glauce Fleury

Glauce has been a member of IABC/BC for five years, and has been a very active member during this time. Originally from Brazil, Glauce first got involved with IABC/BC as an international student.

I asked Glauce a few quick questions so that you can all get to know her a little better (if you don’t already).

You moved to Canada from Brazil six years ago and discovered IABC/BC. How did you first get involved with us?

I was enrolled in the print futures: professional writing program, a two-year diploma that was offered by Douglas College. My instructors mentioned IABC/BC, and one of my classmates was a volunteer. I remember that one of my assignments required me to choose a professional association, attend a networking event, meet 2–3 communicators and report back to the instructor. I chose IABC because I  had been working in corporate communications before going back to school. I got more involved in IABC after winning my first Student Communicator of the Year (SCOY) award when I was recruited by the Student Services team.

How has IABC/BC supported you in your journey as a newcomer to Canada?

First, let me tell you this: when I came, my initial plan was to gain confidence as a professional writer using the English language. My goal was to leave right after graduation to freelance as a correspondent of international news outlets (Brazil would soon host the World Cup and the Summer Olympics). Instead, I decided to immigrate and establish myself in Canada.

So to answer your question, IABC/BC helped me with knowledge and connections. I didn’t know much about the communications industry here, and didn’t know any local professionals. Also, it might seem silly considering I’ve been in this industry for almost two decades now, but receiving two SCOY awards for writing and editing projects was a turning point. That recognition made a difference.


Glauce Fleury giving her presentation at the IABC/BC ‘Imposter Syndrome’ 6th Annual Signature Event.

What do you think makes IABC/BC special?

When I started approaching communicators to share my story, my goals and my challenges, I received lots of helping hands. Everyone was available for a phone call, some advice, a coffee date. I was informally and formally mentored. IABC/BC members helped me understand the industry in Canada, and stop having doubts about the value of my skills here.

What do you hope to gain from the experience this year?

I want to give continuity to what I started last year. I’ve had several leadership and event management opportunities. This year I want to focus on building relationships, in particular with members who haven’t volunteered yet. But I want to dedicate more time to students, recent grads and newcomers because, you know, I’ve been there. We have a lot to talk about.

What are you most excited about for the year ahead?

I’m so excited about this decision to expand the target audience of this portfolio to embrace newcomers. I can’t wait to connect with them and provide the support I once received from IABC/BC.


Glauce Fleury (right) with SAIL (Student Advancing in Learning) Award winner Melissa Dimyadi (left) at the 2018 Wave Awards.


You can also connect with Glauce on Twitter (@glaucef) and LinkedIn (@glaucefleury) to share your congratulations.


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