Winner of the 2021 IABC/BC Lighthouse Award – Maile Conwi

Back to Blogs By Maile Conwi Posted: April 29, 2022

Do you work with someone who deserves to be recognized in a way that warms their heart, energizes them, and encourages them to pursue new challenges in their career journey? Maybe even bring them to (happy) tears? That’s what winning the Lighthouse Award last year did for me, and I strongly encourage you to finish the nomination you’ve been thinking about.

Here are three good reasons to take the time to nominate a colleague for a Wave Award this year:

  1. It will highlight communications professionals doing exceptional work across the IABC community. Our roles within organizations were more important than ever over the past two years—we should showcase the contributions of communications professionals with wide-ranging skills, from crisis and media relations, social media, web and intranet strategy, to internal communications influencing the workplace experience.
  2. Nominees will be able to reflect on their accomplishments over the past year, and use that to fuel their career development. Many of us forget to pause and think about what has gone well, or how we can improve, in a fast-paced profession where we are called upon to work on “the next thing” even before current projects wrap up. A nomination that highlights their achievements, which were noticed by their teammates, will be a huge confidence boost.
  3. Your nominee will appreciate your recognition even more than you think they will. Apparently we tend to underestimate how much people appreciate a compliment. We even feel a little awkward doing it. But recognition is exactly what we all need right now. Let’s say thank you as a collective community and celebrate the people in our professional lives who are making a big impact.

Being nominated for the Lighthouse Award in itself was a huge honour, as it is for a senior communicator whose experience, accomplishments or projects have made them a trusted leader in their organization and a role model. When I learned how many people on the team worked on my nomination, it blew me away. Winning that night was incredible, but as an introvert, I did say in my acceptance speech that being put in the spotlight was the most wonderful, heartfelt torture I could ever ask for! It’s very humbling to be recognized by your peers.

So please, give the ultimate thank you to a leader, peer, student or volunteer. Learn more about the award categories and submit your nomination by Wednesday, May 4.

Maile Conwi
Interim Director, Communications & Content Services, Provincial Health Services Authority
2021 IABC/BC Lighthouse Award Recipient

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