Student Membership

The value of an IABC/BC student membership

If you’re a communications student or recent graduate living in B.C., here’s your chance to learn about the resources and services provided by IABC/BC. Here, you’ll find the perfect environment to meet other communicators, build your communication skills and catapult yourself into your communications career.

To support you on this journey, we have one portfolio dedicated exclusively to you: Student + New Communicator Services. Our team members work at — or are closely connected to — post-secondary institutions, so we fully understand your needs.


Why Join?

Career development

  • Find invaluable mentorship opportunities in your chosen communications field through our mentorship program.
  • Develop your skills and gain new ones by volunteering in one of the many roles available our different portfolios.
  • Find the latest communications job postings in Jobline.


  • Join student-exclusive events that address communications issues from your perspective.
  • Attend events that provide all of the latest insights on our industry.
  • Get discounted rates on professional development events and opportunities.


  • Access information and stay current on trends and issues in the communications industry.
  • Gain exclusive access to the Member Centre on the IABC international website.
  • Receive free subscription to the award-winning Communication World magazine.


  • Enter that school project that required a lot of effort into the Student Advancing in Learning (SAIL) Award. You might be recognized publicly at the Wave Awards in the spring.


Am I eligible?

Student membership

You can apply for a student membership if you’re a full-time student at a post-secondary institution. You’re also eligible if you’re a part-time student working towards a degree or certificate program, and are not currently working in a communications role. You’ll need to provide proof of your student status.

Transitional membership

You can apply for the transitional membership if you recently graduated from a post-secondary institution. You have 12 months from the date of your graduation to submit an application under this category. You’ll need to provide proof of your graduation date.


How much is a membership?

Student membership

Students can join IABC/BC for an annual fee of $49 plus chapter dues. See if you meet the qualifications for a student membership and join online.

Transitional membership

Recent grads can join IABC/BC with a 50 per-cent discount on the international dues portion (full chapter and district/regional dues apply). Application fee is waived. To apply for student transition rates, please join online.

We want to hear from you

Your feedback helps us know how we’re doing and what you’d like to see to improve your experience with IABC/BC!

You’re also welcome to get involved: we’re always looking for student ambassadors on campus to help us spread the word about the resources and services available for student members. You can reach out to us at students [at] and newcommunicators [at]