Student Communicator of the Year Award

Our annual Student Communicator of the Year (SCOY) awards talented students for excellence in communication.

Applying for this award is a great opportunity for students to test their skills with a recently completed communications project and get feedback from a panel of experienced industry experts. All applicants—whether you win or not—will receive their feedback from the judges.

The deadline for applications for this year’s SCOY awards has passed.

2015 SCOY Recipients –

Join us in celebrating the winners at the IABC/BC Wave Awards Reception on June 4.

Application process

Who can apply?

  • IABC/BC students or transitional members.

  • New members who were students during the time the entry was created.

Entry Requirements

Applications for next year’s SCOY awards will be available in 2016.

  • Submissions must be of work you did as a student either that you created:

    • For coursework,

    • Club or volunteer association,

    • Or internship/co-op term.

  • Submit a work plan/summary (3-pages) describing the program or project, how it was developed, and what you intended to achieve.

  • Work samples if necessary. If your plan was not actually implemented, please provide a mock work sample (please label as such). Whenever possible, it should include supporting information, such as metrics, survey results, press clippings or materials documenting your results. You may want to include supporting materials for your project, for example screen shots of the website you designed or the brochure with which you aimed to build awareness.

Award Categories

Writing Award Category

This category includes original material written for a particular communication project, such as: articles, news writing, news releases, speeches, scripts, editorial pieces, sales promotion and marketing, and so on.

Electronic and Digital Communication Award Category

This category includes published content that audiences access predominantly online, such as: electronic newsletters, websites, blogs, electronic annual reports, and intranets.

Publications Award Category

This category includes graphic design and writing for publications in all printed formats. Projects can include: magazines, newsletters, newspapers, annual reports, and special publications.

Communications Creative Award Category

This category showcases creative talent and design through an essentially communicative function. Entries must demonstrate innovation, creativity, strategic alignment, and effective graphics communication. Examples of projects include:

  • Design of an organizational brand identity or other graphic project where design is the primary communication function. Includes advertisements, cartoons, drawings, paintings, collages, posters, displays, special signs, book and magazine covers, logos, product labels and packaging, 3-D materials, illustrations.

  • Photography, including original photographs created or commissioned for a particular communication project (i.e., single photos, photo essays, photo montages, etc.).

  • Video/film to demonstrate innovative and fun use of communication channel.

Communication Campaigns Award Category

Entries for communication campaigns should address background research, planning, goals and objectives, execution/implementation, and evaluation/results (any documented results, or how you would measure results if the campaign were implemented).

Examples of campaigns include:

  • Internal programs

  • External programs and campaigns

  • Community relations

  • Customer relations

  • Media relations

  • Marketing programs