2017-18 President’s reflections

Back to Blogs By Jeanette LeBlanc, President Posted: June 19, 2018

Well, that’s a wrap on the 2017-18 IABC/BC year! It was a packed year of programs, events, experiences, connections, and memories made possible thanks to our dedicated volunteers, members, sponsors and friends from the local business community.

Looking back, there are so many highlights and learnings to share, they’re hard to summarize. Here’s a snapshot, plus the full President’s Report, a closing message and our year-end video to feast your eyes upon IABC life in 2017-2018!

IABC/BC 2017-2018 in Numbers

  • More than 420 members for the year
  • Over 700 event registrations
  • Over 118 jobs posted on Jobline #IABCBCJobs
  • 65 volunteers
  • 14 Board of Directors’ members (volunteer working board)
  • 22 Wave Awards nominees – congratulations to you all!
  • 20 Portfolio Manager roles posted (apply now for the coming year!)
  • 12 Special Interest Group meetings (across 5 Groups)
  • 7 generous sponsors (meet them here!)
  • 5 networking events (September, December, April, June x2)
  • 4 Professional Development events (Media Crawl, Crisis Comms and more!)
  • 3 Get Connected events
  • 2 Chapter Management Awards from IABC’s Leadership Institute
  • 2 Mentorship Initiatives (skills-based mentorship program, and speed mentoring!)
  • 2 Students + New Communicator events (+ ambassadors and new student members!)
  • 1 Certification Exam held (+ one coming in October 2018)
  • 1 new Instagram account @IABC.BC (follow us!)
  • Endless love on our social media channels
  • Countless connections created to grow the communications profession!

President’s Year End Report & Message

More formally, the full President’s Year End Report takes a deeper look at the IABC/BC chapter management this year. We also concluded our 2015-2018 three-year strategic plan. This report was presented in summary at the 38th Annual General Meeting on June 12, 2018. Both our 2016-2017 annual financial statement and the Board Selection Committee’s proposed new board for 2018-19 (<< meet them all here!) were ratified by the AGM’s attending members.

Personal Thank You

On a personal note, I would like to thank the talented Board of Directors this year (almost the whole team is pictured above in the group photo during our 2018 Wave Awards) for their leadership in managing this chapter on behalf of our members. I am extremely proud to be part of such an inspiring team. As one of the top five largest chapters in the world, we continue to be leaders and innovators exploring new ideas, iterating annual programs and learning from those who volunteered before us.

Now is an amazing time to be with IABC/BC to learn, give, or grow in your career. As a member for more than eight years and a volunteer for the majority of that time, I cannot express how much volunteering has added value to my membership and career!

If you need more evidence, watch our year-end video to preview what you can be a part of and get connected with IABC/BC – every little bit helps and there’s an opportunity for everyone.

2017-18 Video Recap!

From us to you, enjoy this special video produced by our annual video sponsor from this year, BaseTwoMedia, and with event photography from other our annual sponsor, Invisionation Photography.

Are you in the video? Watch to see!



Your 2017-18 President signing off!

Jeanette LeBlanc


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