Jobline update

Back to Blogs By Lydia Tay, VP, Sponsorship Posted: September 20, 2014

Did you know that our annual member survey showed that almost 60% of our members are using IABC/BC’s JobLine to look for new career? Could your organisation benefit from posting current positions with IABC/BC Jobline?

JobLine is one of our industry’s primary sources for communicators at all levels looking to make a change. Public and private companies, as well as agencies and not-for-profits across the province have used JobLine to attract the right talent.

JobLine provides excellent value for posters who are looking to target IABC/BC’s talented community. Thanks to the member-area login required to access these jobs, you know exactly who you are reaching within the industry; jobs are promoted across our social media channels, reaching 3,500 Twitter followers and over 1,000 LinkedIn connections.

To reflect this value-add, and bring us in line with our fellow industry associations, JobLine prices will be adjusted beginning October 1. We will continue to significantly discount the member rate, which will be $195. This will also include corporate members, and those companies that have at least one IABC member on staff. The non-member rate will be $295.

Learn more about JobLine or post you position before prices are adjusted on October 1.

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