Elevate Your Communications Career with IABC/BC Student Membership

Back to Blogs By Jazmin Sood and Silke Billings Posted: May 8, 2020

Are you a new communications professional or student communicator? Starting a communications career can seem intimidating, but luckily IABC/BC is here to support you. Student members have access to a variety of perks.

Jazmin Sood, Communications Graduate of 2020 at Simon Fraser University. Student member since 2019.

Finding Your Path

From my perspective, the most important benefit is the connections I have made while working with other IABC/BC members and communications professionals. Building a network with mentors I can contact when asking for advice is extremely valuable. Many of these individuals are in the industry and have often experienced the same, or similar, challenges that I may be facing.

As a student communicator, figuring out my own path in professional communication is challenging. However, attending IABC/BC events (now held virtually!) has opened up the possible career paths I could take.

Member Perks at IABC/BC

There are many other membership benefits:

  • Access to a network of 9,000 communicators
  • Discounts on IABC/BC events
  • Access to professional communications job postings
  • Unique volunteer opportunities
  • The ability to build knowledge alongside a mentor from one or both of the mentorship programs
  • The ability to earn various certifications or accreditations

Silke Billings, fourth year communication student at Simon Fraser University. Student member since 2018.

Practical Knowledge

Student IABC/BC memberships also allow communication students to demonstrate the applicability of their studies. This helps significantly when it comes time to transition from a student into a professional in the industry. As a fourth-year communication student with an interest in PR, this transition is imminent for me. The ability to widen my network of communicators, and strengthen my awareness of opportunities, has been extremely helpful.

Industry-newcomer focused workshops also address communication issues from my perspective. As I have found my classes to be more theoretical, IABC’s practical and comprehensive workshops have been great for supplementing my communication knowledge. I highly recommend getting involved with IABC/BC through their membership and events, as it has provided me with meaningful connections and knowledge that extend past my communication studies.

Discover more about student memberships here.

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