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Back to Blogs By Glauce Fleury Posted: September 21, 2017

Student + new communicator services is back as an independent portfolio. Each aspect of our plan focuses on maximizing your experience as an IABC/BC member. If you’re a student or new communicator looking to meet other communicators, advance your communication skills or find ways to define your career path, we’re here to support you.

Meet our team:

Glauce Fleury – Director, Student + New Communicator Services

Communications & Publications Specialist at Douglas College
Current studies: Social Media Marketing at BCIT

“I recently quit my job in Brazil, and went back to school in Canada as a full-time student. As a recent grad, I remember well the challenges that were ahead of me to redefine my career path. That’s why I joined IABC/BC and started volunteering even before I graduated. It’s a space where I’ve found mentorship and support to thrive as a communicator. I’ve also found recognition for my work. As a student member, I received the SCOY Award two years in a row (2013 and 2014). As a regular member, I received the New Volunteer of the Year Award (2015). My involvement and this recognition were a stepping stone to further my career. Now I want to give back to the association by inspiring student and new communicator members to learn how IABC/BC can help you achieve your professional goals the same way it has helped me achieve mine.”

Ran Li – Manager, Student Engagement

Communications Officer at Selwyn Chihong Mining Ltd
Current studies: Professional Communication at UBC

“I’ve been a mentor for students developing communications projects at UBC’s Executive Program for the past two years, and I’ve also implemented stakeholder engagement programs at my current job. I hope my experience and knowledge in both areas will enable me to build strong relationships with students interested in careers in communication. I’m thrilled to be a part of this team, and able to help increase IABC/BC’s presence at major universities and colleges in B.C. It will be rewarding to support their communications students, so I can’t wait to start connecting with them and sharing our stories about IABC/BC’s services, programs and values.”

Rodrigo Meirelles – Coordinator, Student Engagement

International Advising and Articulation Specialist at Douglas College
Current studies: Recent graduate from Commerce with specialization in Marketing at UBC Sauder

“I’ve been involved with Student Affairs from very early in my post-secondary experience. I’ve been so interested in this area that I decided to continue working with post-secondary students after graduation. I believe this previous experience has given me the necessary knowledge to effectively communicate with our student members, learn about their needs and tell them about the resources IABC/BC provides to support them in their journey. It will be rewarding to help increase awareness of IABC/BC among communication students and recent grads. Besides that, this portfolio will provide me with professional development opportunities.”

Pamela Hart – Coordinator, Community Outreach (Vancouver Island)

Assistant to the President at Vancouver Island Economic Alliance (Intern)
Current studies: Masters of Business Administration/MSc International Management at Vancouver Island University (VIU)

“I have actively promoted IABC/BC to my circle of friends, and have successfully seen some of them join the association. I have also reached out to key people from the VIU Business program to spread the word about IABC/BC. When I went back to school to pursue a Master’s degree after several years away from school, I knew I needed a platform to serve as a learning curve both personally and professionally. I joined IABC/BC because I was already familiar with its professional development opportunities in Nigeria, my home country. I’m passionate about discovering opportunities and building relationships, so I’m happy to connect with institutions willing to partner with us to support their students to be better communicators. Helping expand IABC/BC’s presence on the island will be exciting.”

We’re not only here to support you, we also really want to hear your feedback. You can reach out to us at and


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