Show your appreciation with the IABC/BC Celebrate a Communicator Campaign

Back to Blogs By Dana Higgins, PMP, IABC/BC President Posted: December 11, 2020

Do you know a professional communicator who deserves some kudos?

Why not take a moment to recognize them during the IABC/BC Celebrate a Communicator campaign? Whether they are a friend, colleague, or a communications hero, give them a shout-out for the great work they are doing. You can recognize an individual or a team of people – or create multiple submissions – it’s your choice!

Kudos don’t have to be limited to their communications work itself but could extend to team members who are always there to lend a hand, provide advice, or advance the profession in some way through their thought leadership. There’s a lot of tremendous communications work being done right now, often behind the scenes, that should be celebrated, and now’s your chance to give them the public props they deserve!

Your submission only takes a few minutes, but your words of appreciation leave a lasting impression on the outstanding professional communicator(s) in your life.


Submissions are now closed



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