Student + New Communicator Services: Meet the new team members

Back to Blogs By Glauce Fleury Posted: January 29, 2018

Three new rock stars have joined the Student + New Communicator Services team: Vince Kanasoot, Emma Whiten and Lynsey Gray. We’re also recruiting a Manager, Student Engagement to support our work with students looking for help to advance their careers. If that appeals to you, please take a look at the volunteer description for this role here.

Vince Kanasoot – Manager, New Communicator

Associate at National Public Relations

“I’m thrilled to inspire, motivate and provide valuable career-related information to students and new communicators. I’ve experienced the transitions from a student to a new grad, and to where I am today. I vividly remember going to IABC and CPRS student workshops, participating in the CPRS mentoring program, working as a summer student and transitioning into a full-time employee. I worked in a number of different roles involving both internal and external communications for various industries, so I feel that I have a lot of career experience that I can share. I’m hoping to have a hand in guiding students and new communicators onto the right paths for themselves. Hopefully, I can accomplish this by sharing my knowledge of different roles and industries and how to prepare for a career in communications.”


Emma Whiten – Volunteer Outreach Assistant

Student at Langara College (Marketing Management, Post-Degree Diploma)

“I’m excited to volunteer with IABC/BC because it allows me to meet new people within my industry. It’s a great opportunity to volunteer with a non-profit organization and help promote networking opportunities to students like me. By representing IABC on campus, I work to spread the word about upcoming events and introduce the organization to other students. Currently, I’m planning an informational event to increase awareness about IABC among Langara students. In the future, I hope to look back and see all the students I’ve introduced to IABC and the positive changes they’ve experienced as a result. I believe that IABC can open doors to career and networking opportunities for students, so I’ll make sure to tell them. The more students attend our events, the more successful we’ll be.”


Lynsey Gray – Volunteer Outreach Assistant

Student at Simon Fraser University (Communication Studies) and President at Her Campus Media SFU

“When I attended my first IABC/BC event, I was blown away by the sense of community. I realized how beneficial it is to be an IABC member, especially for communications students. I want to be a role model and an advocate for fellow students. I also want to learn, grow and encourage that growth in others. I have a huge internal drive for involvement, so I’ll use my volunteering and leadership experience to help increase engagement. Networking while you’re still a student is huge. I’ve met amazing people through professional organizations who have influenced my career goals. Further, I’d love to see students building relationships among themselves, as their peers will be their future colleagues. It would be rewarding to see students stepping out of their shell and throwing themselves into this amazing community.”

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