The 2019 IABC World Conference Twitter Roundup

Back to Blogs By Adam Brayford, SCMP Posted: June 20, 2019

If you were among the near 1,400 global communication professionals who came together for the 2019 IABC World Conference, then you know that proud feeling that came with showing off our beautiful province and the vibrant people in our chapter. It’s a wave of energy that will fuel us as the world’s second largest IABC chapter (oh that’s us, by the way) heads into our 40th anniversary in 2020.

Having attended World Conference numerous times, I can confidently say that BC’s time in the spotlight held up with the best of them! Not only was this the largest conference in 10 years, but we had a tremendous showing of local volunteers at the heart of this global event, showing the very best in hospitality.

It takes a village…

And Laurie Dawkins, ABC, MC, SCMP, and Jennifer Wah, ABC, MC, IABC Fellow, SCMP know how to build one heck of a village! Starting with the uber creative, fun volunteer descriptions they crafted back in 2018, and carrying through to the final day of conference, they led an enviable troop of hard-working, caring and fun volunteers.

To everyone who had a hand in making this mega event a success, your chapter thanks you!

Steering Committee:

John Almond (Hospitality Coordinator), Gary Carr (Hospitality Coordinator) , Stephanie Gelinas (Volunteer Coordinator)  Gail Pickard (Dine Around Coordinator).

Core Volunteers – Registration: Erin Driscoll, Mark Fernandes, Kirk Grayson, Laurel Johnston, Denise Leech, Amanda LeNeve, Julie Ludwig, Ariane Madden, Melanie Preston, Heather Prime, Rachel Wong, Alexandra Wright, Krystle Yeung, Melodie Yong. Dine Around & Hospitality Table: Rudi Araujo, John Corry, Laurel Johnston, Gemma Lawrence, Kristin Linklater, James Nesbitt, Scott Parker, Susan Seto, Elizabeth The, Andrea Visscher, Siobhaun Williams. Mosaic Wall: Silke Billings, Glauce Fleury. Eventbrite Lead: Stephanie Stewart. Dine Around Hosts: Christine Ackerley, John Almond, Brandon Brind, Gary Carr, Laurie Dawkins, Erin Driscoll, Kirk Grayson, Sheira Hallam, Eduarda Hodgins, Lori Last, Gemma Lawrence, Jeanette Leblanc, Angela MacKenzie, Val Mellesmoen, James Nesbitt, Denisa Orlandea, Nancy Painter, Heather Prime, Neena Rahemtulla, Sherrilynne Starkie, Stephanie Stewart, Lydia Tay, Andrea Visscher, Siobhaun Williams, Gavin Wilson, Jennifer Wah, Jacqueline Wood.

If we’ve missed you from this list of world conference volunteers, let me know at   

While I could share my own highlights from #IABC19, fortunately I don’t have to! Twitter was a’blaze as we trended both locally and nationally throughout the conference. Here are some of the highlights, as told by communication professionals around the world:

Vancouver was at its best

Seriously, how often do you plan an event in Vancouver and the weather fully cooperates? Guests from around the world were dazzled by our province’s natural beauty:

The Canadians were rowdy, as usual…

It’s safe to say the legendary Canada Party – sponsored by our friends at Bananatag – was a roaring success:

And let’s not forget the amazing welcome reception at the Vancouver Convention Centre:

We made new friends and connected with old ones

With 67% of conference guests attending for the first time, how could you not meet someone new?

Inclusion was core

We heard amazing news

The keynotes were a hit

Inspired enough to attend World Conference next year? Heavily discounted pre-registration opens this August.  I hope you like deep dish…

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