Why One of Last Year’s Silver Leaf Award Winners Thinks You Should Apply

Back to Blogs By Jenna Ross, Content Specialist Posted: June 19, 2019

Do you like getting recognized for your hard work?

Of course you do! That’s why you should apply for the IABC Canada Silver Leaf Awards. Designed to reward communications excellence, the awards are open to all communication professionals, students, suppliers and partners in the Canadian communication, advertising, journalism and marketing industries.

Applicants can submit their work in four categories:

  • Communication Research Management
  • Communication Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Communication Training and Education

That’s great, you may be thinking, but why should I add another “to-do” to my plate?

Malka Aujla, one of last year’s winners, is perfectly positioned to answer this question.

Malka and her team at the BC Securities Commission won the Award of Excellence for External Communication Research. They were recognized for a unique longitudinal study they conducted to understand how fee disclosure changes impacted investor behaviour.

So, why does Malka think you should apply?

“It’s worth it. Not just because you have a chance to win an award for your work, but because you gain a deeper understanding of your communications project by fleshing out its details for the application. A deeper understanding helps further build your expertise in your field of work, which can lead to greater professional success.”

In Malka’s case, the application also reinforced the importance of her role. “Putting the application together was a reminder of how research can play a pivotal role in supporting the direction of a communications project by providing key insights on the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours of one’s audience.”

At this point, hopefully you’re nodding your head and imagining yourself in the winner’s circle.  So, how can you put together an award-winning application?

IABC has a handy guide entitled “How to Create an IABC Awards Entry in 24 hours” for even the most time-pressed among us. And, don’t hesitate to reach out to your personal network for help. One of Malka’s colleagues is a seasoned Silver Leaf and Gold Quill applicant and winner, and her insights were invaluable for Malka as she prepared her application.

As you slot “apply for IABC Canada Silver Leaf Award” into your to-do list, keep Malka’s advice in mind.

“Start early so that you have enough time to gather all the details of your project; thoroughly review your work sample and work plan to ensure they are aligned; and have someone who worked on the project with you and/or someone who has experience with the application process review your application.”

There you have it – the recipe for a winning application! Follow these steps and you have a good chance of being nationally recognized. (And, conversation fodder for your next dinner party or job application).

Click here for more information on the Silver Leaf Awards. The final application deadline is July 5, 2019.

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