Back to Blogs By Sheryl Gray, IABC/BC Vice-President, Volunteer Services Posted: August 1, 2013

IABC/BC volunteers are literally too many to mention. In 2012/13, our Chapter had more than 100 active volunteers – that’s 16% of our membership!

Volunteer-run association

Many of our volunteers are on committees that support our Chapter’s ongoing functions (e.g. internal communications, professional development, networking events). Some volunteers help out on special projects or time-limited programs like Gift of Communications. And other volunteers put their hand up whenever the call goes out for “help!”

Volunteers extraordinaire

This year, as always, we had some real stand-out members that contributed in an attention-grabbing way. Their exemplary service led to well-deserved nominations for a President’s Award, either New Volunteer of the Year or Volunteer of the Year. Past-President Karin Basaraba was faced with a stellar list of candidates, and subsequently, Anna Santiago was awarded New Volunteer of the Year, and Lydia Tay was awarded Volunteer of the Year. Bios of all of our nominees are available on the website.

Getting engaged

“IABC gives a sense of belonging, a very powerful emotional connection,” says Linda Ong ABC. “When you engage, you get the full benefit of the organization.” Volunteers get involved for many reasons: meet other communications professionals, get work / skill experience, practice leadership skills, give back as a “senior” communicator, etc. Everyone has a different reason and their own needs, and that’s why we work to make the right match of volunteer and role.

You can do it!

Yes, you too can volunteer! The call for volunteers will go back out just as the summer winds up – why not come out and learn a new skill for your own “back to school” experience! Social media roles took off in a big way this last year, and event planning offered many opportunities through extensive PD and networking events. Leadership development is available through our committee “Director” positions that support the VPs, and writers will always have a role in communications. Website analytics, public relations, sponsorship relations, student liaison…opportunities abound, and we’d love to hear what interests you this upcoming year!

Contact volunteers@iabc.bc.ca for more information.

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