IABC/BC 2019 Award Season has officially launched!

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Hollywood may have the Academy Awards and starlets like Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper and Spike Lee, but we have the Wave Awards! We are lucky to have an abundance of superstars in our chapter – and now it’s time to celebrate them. Every year, for the past five years we have been shining a light on communications professionals in our vibrant IABC/BC chapter. The Oscars for 2019 may have been handed out for this year, but we are just getting started with our award season.


Call for Nominations is now open

Do you know a rockstar communicator? Maybe they are a force of nature who just gets the job done? an inspiration to others, a supportive and wise mentor, a community champion, a generous leader, a studious student with a passion for learning? Or an outstanding IABC/BC volunteer? We need your help to recognize all of the talent here in British Columbia, so please consider taking a few minutes out of your busy schedules to nominate your colleagues and peers for their accomplishments – be they professional, volunteer or academic.


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2019 Wave Award Categories

This year, you can recognize that amazing colleague or peer of yours in one of the following categories:

  • Making Waves Award: A junior to intermediate communicator generally with less than five years in the profession, who has distinguished themselves through their work in a communications role.
  • Lighthouse Award: A senior communicator with 10+ years in the profession.
  • Ripple Effect Award: A communicator with any level of experience who has used their communication skills to support a community organization or cause in a non-paid role.
  • SAIL Award: A promising student who is currently enrolled in a communications education program in British Columbia.
  • New Navigator Volunteer of the Year: IABC/BC volunteers who have been volunteering for at least a year. They could be within their first or second year of volunteering, or they may have been volunteering with us for up to 4 years. They have made major contributions to the chapter.
  • Long Beach Volunteer Award: Outstanding IABC/BC volunteers who have volunteered for 5 or more years. They have made major contributions to the chapter.


Creating a strong nomination

Identified your nominee/s? Awesome! Now you need to tell us why they should win with a compelling nomination so we’ve created a nomination guide for every category. You can find these on the Wave Awards page. In your nominations you need to provide the evaluators with specific details to prove that your nominee is the best pick for that category. They will be looking for specific examples that back up every one of your points. If the nomination isn’t a surprise to the nominee, consider asking them for specific evidence that can back up the case you’re building for them to win an award.

All of the non-volunteer awards require up to three 250-word testimonials to support your nomination. Alternatively you could opt for two 375-word testimonials, or just one 750-word testimonial. While it isn’t a requirement you could also consider gathering testimonials for the volunteer categories too to help create a compelling nomination.


How long will a submission take me?

It’s a pretty quick and easy process. As you’ll see in the nomination guides, most nomination submissions are only four simple questions with short character limits. So a nomination could take you between 15 minutes and one hour. It all depends on how familiar you are with the nominee.


We’re here to help! Contact our awards team at awards@iabc.bc.ca.

Save the date: 5th Annual Wave Awards Gala!

While the Academy Awards are held at the Dolby Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard in a shopping centre (yes, really),  our Wave Awards Gala will have spectacular views on Robson Street. Join us on June 20th, to celebrate our amazing members and hand out the coveted Wave Awards to the winning nominees. Watch out for your invitation later this month!


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