Welcome to the new iabc.bc.ca

Back to Blogs By Brice Dare, IABC/BC VP, Internal Communications Posted: August 27, 2014

So, you may have noticed that things look just a little bit different around here.

IABC/BC is proud to introduce its new website to the world. I know it’s a day that many of you have been looking forward to, particularly those of you who know what a vibrant community of communicators our Chapter represents and wondered why our website never quite reflected that vibrancy.

With this relaunch, we hope we’ve finally given you a website worthy of an association driven by communicators for communicators – a place for you to connect to ideas, job opportunities and people.

Welcome to the new iabc.bc.ca. Feel free to stay for a while.


As you might imagine, launching this website was no small task. Thankfully, we had no shortage of people willing to share their time and talent to build this website. I’d like to acknowledge a few of those contributors.

Graphically Speaking

For starters, this day never would have come without our web sponsor, Graphically Speaking. Graphically Speaking was a true partner every step of the way. They shared their considerable expertise in helping us develop strategies to best serve our members through this website, created this attractive and user-friendly design and stickhandled their way through all of the programming and technical issues that cropped up during a project that turned out to be more complicated and time-consuming than envisioned.

Invisionation Photography

Our photography sponsor, Vincent Chan of Invisionation Photography, literally put a face to this website by contributing most of the photos you see on this website. Vincent has been the photographer of record at our events for the past couple years, so there was never any doubt in our minds that his unique style and vision were perfect for capturing the unique essence of our members.

The volunteers

We all know that IABC/BC is a volunteer-run organization, and this website launch was no different. A lot of volunteers had a hand in this project. A LOT.

Thanks to all the members of the IABC/BC Board who offered their support and insight in the planning stages of the project and their input and patience as we prepared for the launch. A special shout-out to my predecessor as VP of Internal Communications, Sharon Habib, who championed the need for this relaunch and set us on the path we’re on today.

And then there are our fantastic volunteers who contributed as writers, editors, reviewers, models and project managers. Thank you all; we couldn’t have done it without you.

Our continued evolution

Of course, the biggest thank-you belongs to you, our reader.

A bit of a schmaltzy sentiment, sure. But also true, because without you, there would be no IABC/BC. We’re here to serve you.

This website is no different. I think we’re off to a great start, but we want to make sure it continues to evolve to meet the needs of our members.

But we can’t do that without you. So please explore our website and drop me a line and let me know what you think.

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