Wave Awards (BC)

At IABC/BC, we applaud those who inspire, lead and generously give their time and expertise.

The Wave Awards program was created to recognize and celebrate our fellow communicators. Do you know someone who is a force of nature? A rising star? A leader who lights and leads the way for others? Someone with a passion for learning? An outstanding chapter volunteer? If you do, read on…

The Wave Awards are IABC/BC’s signature awards program, designed to recognize the people behind the great work in our chapter. Each year, we recognize communicators who have demonstrated excellence either in their day-to-day work, in their contributions to the chapter, in support of a community cause, or as part of a formal learning program. The Wave Awards also recognize achievements at different stages in a communicator’s career.

Wave Awards categories

The Making Waves Award


  • A junior to intermediate communicator generally with less than five years in the profession.
  • Has distinguished themselves through their work in a communications role.
  • Demonstrates an impressive understanding of communication strategy combined with creative implementation ideas, especially relative to their years of experience.
  • An “up-and-comer” who will stand out as their career progresses.

The Lighthouse Award


  • A senior communicator with 10+ years in the profession.
  • The nominee’s experience and conduct has contributed to the overall positive reputation of the communications profession.
  • May be a leader in an organization, and/or a leader in an aspect of the profession e.g. social media.
  • Has shepherded an audacious communications plan or project, sometimes in the face of controversy, change or discord. The nomination can reflect the nominee’s work over the past year, or within a specific time frame.

This award is not meant to replace the Master Communicator (Canadian) or Fellow (International) awards, i.e. it does not need to reflect the communicator’s entire body of work.

The Ripple Effect Award


  • A communicator with any level of experience who has used their communication skills to support a community organization or cause in a non-paid role.
  • Has made a significant impact with the organization, cause or targeted audience with whom they volunteer their time.
  • Is a role model for other professional communicators.
  • Inspires others to engage in volunteer service.

SAIL Award (Student Advancing in Learning)


  • A student who is currently enrolled in a communications education program in British Columbia.
  • Through their coursework, demonstrates an eagerness to learn and shows promise in the profession.
  • Above and beyond their work in the classroom, challenges themselves and others to innovate and collaborate.
  • Not required to be an IABC member to be eligible.
  • Students may nominate themselves or be nominated by others.

The SAIL Award recipient will receive a $750 bursary plus a student membership, or $50 towards a transitional membership.

New Navigator Award


  • An IABC/BC chapter volunteer who is in their first or second year of volunteering.
  • Someone who has gone out of their way to connect with members, contribute their time and share their knowledge.
  • A person who has demonstrated passion for and an understanding of the communications profession.

Big Splash Award


  • Outstanding IABC/BC chapter volunteers, with two or more years of volunteering.
  • Has made major contributions to both the chapter and created significant benefits for the IABC/BC membership within the past year.

Long Beach Award


  • A communicator who has made significant and creative contributions to IABC/BC.
  • Has a long history as an IABC/BC chapter volunteer (i.e. more than five years).