Accreditation (ABC)

Honouring the past and guiding the future

IABC closed its Accreditation Program in 2013. The IABC Accreditation Program offered rigorous peer review and portfolio assessment to ascertain the knowledge and experience of each candidate. Communicators who achieved the ABC designation demonstrated mastery in several key communications domains, including strategy, measurement and ethics. Our BC chapter pioneered a highly successful program to help candidates prepare for the exam, and this program was adopted in many chapters throughout the world. We proudly hold the record as the chapter with the highest proportion of ABCs internationally.   Our many accredited members offer verified strategic communications expertise to employers in BC and beyond. ABCs continue to offer mentorship and direction to the chapter.


IABC has launched a new certification program, which will offer four levels of certification to professional communicators. Many ABCs were involved in guiding the vision for this new program and ABC designees continue to be instrumental in its development.

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