Climbing the Ladder

You’ve figured out what you enjoy doing and where you want to go with your career. But as some of our members have discovered, there are certain challenges that need to be overcome on the way to achieving those goals. Find out how some of our members have met those challenges.

Nancy Chan, “Power in volunteering”

Nancy began volunteering with IABC for networking opportunities, but soon discovered that volunteer work can lead to many other benefits.

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Some facts about Nancy

Current position: Digital Communications Specialist
IABC member since: 2012
Favourite vacation spot: Italy
Favourite book: The Giver


Ryan Paulson

Ryan Paulson, “Finding That Perfect Fit”

A meeting with the boss finds Ryan having to face up to a surprising truth about his chosen career path.

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Some facts about Ryan

Current position: Regional Marketing Manager, Western Canada, Boston Pizza
IABC member since: 2011
Professional Goal: I’m a big golf fan, so my fantasy job would be marketing manager for one of the really big golf clubs. But I love what I’m doing with Boston Pizza and would like to advance within their ranks.

Twitter: @RyanPaulson17


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