Nancy Chan: Power in volunteering

Nancy Chan: Power in volunteering

I have been a member of IABC for six years and I’m so glad I joined. I initially became a member for the networking opportunities, but it became much more than that. I  heard about IABC back when I was a student at SFU and then, a coworker, who was with IABC, connected me with the organization. Shortly after, I started helping manage the job board.

Professional and personal

I’ve continued to volunteer with the organization because it’s a great way to stay connected with people working in different communications roles and learn from others. Going to the events, I meet and reconnect with a lot of great people in the industry. There are the professional benefits and also the personal benefits of meeting new people. I’ve met a lot of fabulous friends through IABC.

Since signing up, I’ve held a number of volunteer roles at IABC including job board manager and director of sponsorship, helping develop partnerships and ensuring our chapter has the resources to put on events and workshops. Currently, I volunteer as the job board manager and am looking forward to another year with IABC.

Amazing network

There’s gratification in working together as a team and being part of this organization. There has been many times where I have sought advice from other IABC members. In those decision-making moments, it’s nice to have a network of people who you can lean on when you’re making decisions about what’s best for your professional development and career path.

Some fun facts about Nancy

Current position: Digital Communications Specialist
IABC member since: 2012
Favourite vacation spot: Italy
Favourite book: The Giver


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