Have Reached Senior Levels

You’ve made it to the big leagues now. You’re managing big teams, big projects and big budgets. But success brings its own pressures and some of our members are finding interesting ways to meet the challenges.

Erin Driscoll, “The value of IABC connections”

You can build a network for learning and career development, and share expertise with others.

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Some facts about Erin

Current position: Communications & Change Management Consultant
IABC member since: 1995
Hometown: Windsor, ON
Where I find my friends online: Instagram
My biggest strength: Listening for the real issue and translating and articulating it to be understood.

LinkedIn: Erin Driscoll


John Almond, “A transformative impact on my future”

John discovered the IABC/BC Community when he moved to Vancouver in 1990 and has been involved ever since

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Some facts about John

Current position:   Vice President Web Strategist at Graphically Speaking
IABC member since: 1991
Hometown:  Caledon, Ontario
Favourite website/platform: Facebook
Where I find my friends online:  Facebook
My biggest strength: I take a strategic approach to tasks, seeing not what’s just inside the box but the bigger picture
Focus of my skills development: Thinking like an entrepreneur; this means always asking what I can learn from other entrepreneurs. It applies to both my role as a volunteer and a professional
Dream job: A job where I have the flexibility to travel and spend time with my family

LinkedIn: John Almond



Laurie DawkinsLaurie Dawkins: “The One That Almost Got Away”

A job interview takes a surprising turn.

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Some facts about Laurie

Current position: Director, Corporate Communications, Vancouver Coastal Health
IABC member since: 1994
Most valuable career advice I can give: Be resilient in the face of constructive feedback. It’s rarely about you, but about the work and making the end result better. And for new people, be brave and ask for the informational interview… I’ll always say ‘yes’!

Twitter: @LaurieDawkins
LinkedIn: Laurie Dawkins



Ryan WilliamsRyan Williams: “Landing the Big One”

When the opportunity to land the biggest client of his life comes along, Ryan must dig deep to meet the challenge.

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Some facts about Ryan

Current position: Partner, Tekara Organizational Effectiveness
IABC member since: 1999
Trend that interests me the most: How people communication and create meaning. How they understand the world through their chosen modes of communication.

Website: Tekara Inc
Facebook: Tekara Inc
Twitter: @willy26
LinkedIn: Ryan Williams


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